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Discover ImgCreator.AI, the AI-driven image generator that turns text into images, edits photos, and creates stunning visuals for various applications

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About ImgCreator.AI

ImgCreator.AI is an innovative AI-powered image generator that converts text descriptions into images and allows users to edit photos using text input. Ideal for creating illustrations, anime, concept designs, and much more, ImgCreator.AI is the perfect solution for various image creation needs.

How ImgCreator.AI Works

ImgCreator.AI takes a text description and generates a corresponding image using advanced AI algorithms. Users can also edit existing images by erasing specific parts and providing text descriptions to guide the AI in creating the desired result.

Unleash Your Creativity with ImgCreator.AI

Best Use Cases for ImgCreator.AI

  1. Generate photorealistic stock photos for blog posts
  2. Edit photos or images using text input
  3. Create illustrations for PowerPoint slides, posters, websites, children's books, and more
  4. Modify hairstyles, accessories, backgrounds, or outfits in photos
  5. Craft eye-catching visuals for social media marketing
  6. Inpaint or outpaint art or images
  7. Develop design inspirations

Using ImgCreator.AI for Seamless Image Generation

Simply input a text description of the desired image, and ImgCreator.AI will generate four candidate images to choose from. To edit an existing photo, erase the part you want to change and describe the desired outcome using text input.

ImgCreator.AI Output Resolution and Usage Rights

Free users can access 512×512 pixel images, while subscription users can obtain finalized images at 1024×1024 pixels. Custom higher resolutions are available upon request for print or POD needs. Users have a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, display, distribute, and create derivative works based on the generated images, as long as they adhere to the terms of service.

Commercial Use of Images Generated by ImgCreator.AI

Users have full usage rights to commercialize the images they create with ImgCreator.AI, including the ability to reprint, sell, and merchandise. Ensure you have the correct rights to use any third-party images you upload.

Experience the Power of AI Image Generation with ImgCreator.AI

ImgCreator.AI offers a groundbreaking way to create and edit images using AI-driven technology. Unleash your creativity, enhance your visual marketing efforts, and bring your ideas to life with ImgCreator.AI's transformative image generation capabilities.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $7.5
  • $22
  • $36


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