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Design unique icons, marketing campaigns, and brand communications with Recraft. Enjoy precise editing, vectorizing, and production-ready quality exports

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About Recraft

Recraft: Your Ultimate Tool for Creating Stunning Vector Graphics

In today's digital age, graphic design plays a crucial role in effective brand communication. Recraft offers a powerful platform for creating stunning vector graphics, 3D designs, and more.

Unleash Your Creativity with Recraft

Whether you are a professional designer or a business owner, Recraft offers a plethora of features to cater to your diverse design needs.

Design Unique Icons and Pictograms

Recraft lets you design unique icons and pictograms, perfect for enhancing your product's user interface. The platform's intuitive interface and advanced tools make it easy to bring your creative ideas to life.

Conceptualize Marketing Campaigns

With Recraft, you can create compelling visuals for your marketing campaigns. From digital illustrations to 3D designs, Recraft provides the tools you need to effectively communicate your brand's message.

Precise Edit for Perfect Designs

Recraft offers precise editing tools to help you generate new image versions, cut out objects, and remove backgrounds with just a single click.

Control Over Diverse Features of the Style

With Recraft, you have complete control over different aspects of your design's style. Use tags to specify colors, detalization levels, and more to create designs that perfectly align with your brand's aesthetics.

Stay on Brand with Recraft

Recraft makes it easy to create images in exact brand colors, or produce new illustrations with a specific style using a reference image. This way, you can ensure that all your designs maintain a consistent brand image.

Perfect Vector with Recraft

Recraft's best in class vectorizer can convert any illustration into a vector with excellent quality and using only a minimal number of points. Whether you're working on a logo, icon, or detailed illustration, Recraft's vectorizer ensures crisp and clean lines every time.

Export in Production-Ready Quality

Recraft allows you to export your designs in production-ready quality. You can create detailed icons and illustrations in flat, outlined, and gradient styles. Recraft also offers 3D render-like images, the best option to get one object on an isolated background.

Explore the Recraft Community

Recraft's community page offers a wealth of inspiration. Browse through to discover new techniques, gain inspiration, and see what beautiful images you can generate with Recraft.


Recraft is a powerful tool that empowers designers and business owners to create stunning vector graphics, 3D designs, and more. With its wide array of features, precise editing tools, and top-notch vectorizer, Recraft offers everything you need to create compelling designs that communicate your brand's message effectively. Whether you're designing unique icons for your product, creating visuals for your marketing campaign, or generating brand communications, Recraft is your ultimate design partner.

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