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Explore GitHub data like never before with GitHub Data Explorer. Ask questions in natural language, and let our AI translate them into SQL for comprehensive insights

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About GitHub Data Explorer

GitHub Data Explorer: AI-Powered Insights into Open-Source Projects

In the vast realm of open-source projects on GitHub, navigating and analyzing the data can be a daunting task. GitHub Data Explorer, an innovative solution from OSS Insight, simplifies this process, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and big data technologies to provide comprehensive and trending insights.

How GitHub Data Explorer Works

GitHub Data Explorer transforms the way users interact with GitHub data. Users can input their questions in natural language. The service then translates these questions into SQL queries using Chat2Query, an AI-powered SQL generator in TiDB Cloud. The data is queried, and results are visualized, offering a new, user-friendly way to explore GitHub data.

Harnessing the Power of AI and Big Data

GitHub Data Explorer relies on several key technologies to deliver its services. It sources data from GH Archive, a non-profit project that records and archives all GitHub event data since 2011. The data, currently over 5 billion GitHub events, is stored in TiDB Cloud, a fully managed cloud Database as a Service that can handle large volumes of data and complex analytical queries.

The AI engine, powered by OpenAI, is the crucial component that allows users without SQL knowledge to interact with this tool. Although the AI is still a work in progress with certain limitations, the team is continuously working on improving and optimizing it.

Features of GitHub Data Explorer

GPT-Powered Data Exploration

GitHub Data Explorer enables users to ask questions in natural language about GitHub data, and it will translate them into SQL queries. This feature opens up possibilities for deep exploration into more than 5 billion rows of data.

Technical Fields Analytics

GitHub Collections Analytics provides insights into monthly or historical rankings and trends in various technical fields. This feature is valuable for those looking to stay updated on the latest trends in specific fields.

Developer and Repository Analytics

Users can gain insights into developer productivity, work cadence, and collaboration from developers' contribution behavior. Similarly, the tool provides insights into a repository’s status, including code update frequency and degree of popularity.

Project Comparison

Users can compare two projects using various repository metrics, allowing for a more in-depth analysis of projects.

Leveraging GitHub Data Explorer

GitHub Data Explorer is a valuable tool for anyone involved in open-source projects. Developers can gain insights into their productivity and work patterns. Project managers can analyze repository data to gauge the popularity and activity of their projects. Even casual users looking to explore trends in open-source projects will find the tool incredibly user-friendly and insightful.


In conclusion, GitHub Data Explorer is an innovative tool that utilizes the power of AI and big data to provide unique insights into open-source projects on GitHub. It's an invaluable resource for developers, project managers, and anyone interested in exploring and understanding the vast world of open-source projects. Despite being a work in progress, its potential to revolutionize the way we interact with GitHub data is immense.

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