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Unlock your creative potential with Genmo Chat, a revolutionary tool that employs AI to co-create and edit images, videos, and more, tailored to your unique vision

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About Genmo

Meet Genmo Chat: Your Creative Co-Pilot for AI-Driven Content Creation

Creativity has always been a uniquely human endeavor. But now, Genmo Chat is rewriting the rules, introducing a creative copilot powered by cutting-edge generative AI models.

Elevating Creativity with AI

Genmo Chat represents a significant stride towards Creative General Intelligence. This tool harmonizes the strengths of human ingenuity with the computational power of AI to produce content of unparalleled quality and originality.

The Promise of Genmo Chat

Generative models have displayed tremendous potential in synthesizing content across text, images, and videos. Genmo Chat takes this one step further, offering a collaborative platform where humans and AI work together to realize creative visions.

This tool is currently being gradually rolled out to creatives on the alpha waitlist. While there are still some limitations, continuous work is being done to enhance Genmo's capabilities, improve its safety, and fine-tune its understanding of user intent.

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Genmo Chat

Animate Images

With Genmo, users can breathe life into static images. Simply upload an image, and Genmo can animate specific parts based on user instructions. This feature provides a powerful tool for visual storytelling.

Generate and Edit Movies

Genmo also caters to filmmakers, offering capabilities to generate and edit movies from scratch. Users can request Genmo to produce a film, guide the ideation process, and then watch as Genmo seamlessly generates and edits the video.

Write a Script, Generate a Trailer

Similarly, users can provide a script, and Genmo can generate a film trailer. From concept refinement to scene selection and transition effects, Genmo guides users every step of the way.

Edit and Create Photos with Words

With Genmo, altering image content and styles is as simple as using natural language commands. This feature empowers users to control the creative process at a high level while relying on Genmo to manage specific details.

Design App Icons and Presentations

Genmo can also generate app icons. It can create several variations based on user feedback and compile them into a professional slide deck.

Genmo Chat: Bridging the Gap

Genmo Chat's mission is to bridge the gap between humans and generative models. By improving the models' comprehension of user intent and context, Genmo Chat fosters a seamless collaboration between users and their AI co-creators.

Genmo Chat: Empowering Creators, Ensuring Safety

Genmo Chat does more than assist with content creation; it democratizes it. Good ideas can come from anyone, and Genmo Chat ensures that everyone, regardless of skill level, can bring their ideas to life. In addition to promoting inclusivity, Genmo Chat prioritizes safety and responsible AI use by steering users away from potentially harmful content generation.


Despite certain limitations, Genmo Chat's prototype has proven to be a valuable tool in various domains such as marketing, content creation, and design. As Genmo continues to evolve with user feedback, it promises to unlock new horizons in creative expression. So, get ready to step into the future of creativity with Genmo Chat, your new AI-powered creative copilot.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $10


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