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Freeday offers AI-driven digital employees to automate repetitive tasks, increase productivity, and enhance team experiences across various business sectors

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About Freeday

Freeday: Revolutionize Your Business with AI-Powered Digital Employees

Freeday is a cutting-edge digital staffing platform that provides AI-powered digital employees to help teams automate their repetitive and tedious tasks. By outsourcing these tasks, teams can free up their time, enhance productivity, and focus on delivering exceptional experiences that drive revenue growth.

Streamline Operations with Freeday's Digital Employees

Freeday offers digital employees in various areas, including:

Customer Care Center

Jennifer, the AI-driven customer care assistant, can handle FAQs, schedule appointments, and provide first-line support across multiple channels and languages.

Employee Engagement

Jessy uses popular communication channels like WhatsApp to engage with employees, monitor their happiness, and notify the HR team of potential issues.

Accounts Payable

Richard, the digital finance assistant, excels in tasks like mail sorting, invoice extraction, and providing debtor status updates, ensuring smooth financial operations.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

John is trained in analyzing and processing identification documents for KYC operations, helping businesses maintain compliance and streamline customer onboarding.

Experience the Freeday Advantage

Freeday operates across Europe and partners with reputable companies like Google Cloud Partner, NL-AI-Coalitie, and NEN to ensure safe and accurate outsourcing. With offices in Rotterdam and New York, Freeday provides global support and services to clients.

The platform offers a demo to explore its benefits and customizes access to its digital employees based on client requirements. Freeday's digital employees are cost-effective, require no recruitment or holidays, and can scale infinitely to meet the needs of any business.

Stay Informed with Freeday's Newsletter

Freeday offers a newsletter containing valuable insights, use cases, and new products related to AI, keeping its audience up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

Experience the power of AI-driven digital employees with Freeday and revolutionize your business processes for enhanced productivity and growth.

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