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GhostWrite, powered by ChatGPT, is an AI email writing assistant that streamlines your email drafting process, saves time, and enhances productivity

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GhostWrite: Revolutionizing Email Writing with AI

Emails are an essential part of our professional lives, but writing them can be tedious and time-consuming. Enter GhostWrite, an AI-powered email writing assistant that helps you draft professional-sounding emails effortlessly. Powered by ChatGPT and other AI technologies, GhostWrite streamlines your email drafting process, saves time, and enhances productivity.

A ChatGPT AI Powered Email Assistant

GhostWrite brings the power of ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, to your email writing. With ChatGPT's capabilities integrated into GhostWrite, users get access to AI-generated smart replies, full-length email compositions, and more. Draft entire emails from just a few bullet points or short phrases, and let GhostWrite do the rest.

Features of GhostWrite

GhostWrite offers a range of features to improve your email writing experience:

Generate Full-Length Emails

Provide GhostWrite with short phrases or bullet points, and it will generate full-length emails for you. No more struggling to find the right words or worrying about structure — let GhostWrite handle it for you.

Write in Your Tone

GhostWrite doesn't just create generic-sounding emails. It learns your writing style and tone, ensuring that the emails it generates are consistent with your voice and personality.

Automatic Grammar and Spelling Correction

GhostWrite's AI not only writes emails for you but also automatically corrects grammar and spelling errors. This ensures that your emails are polished and professional.

Save and Reuse Email Templates

With GhostWrite, you can save AI-generated email templates and reuse them for future communications. This can save you time and effort when drafting similar emails.

One-Click Drafting

GhostWrite can automatically draft full-length replies with just one click, streamlining your email response process.

Introducing Inky: Your Personal Writing Assistant

GhostWrite is not just a tool, but also a companion. Meet Inky, a friendly AI character that helps you write those big emails you've been dreading. The more Inky gets to know you, the better it becomes at predicting your text, making your email writing process even smoother.

How GhostWrite Works

  1. Give Inky the Details: Provide Inky with basic information, such as «Ask landlord to call a plumber — quick!»
  2. Let Inky Do the Typing: Inky will draft the email for you using AI technology.
  3. Approve Before Sending: GhostWrite never sends a message without your permission. Review and edit the email to add greater detail and personal touches.
  4. Keep Inky Around: As Inky gets to know you better, its suggestions will become more accurate, further improving your email writing experience.

Conclusion: Transform Your Email Writing with GhostWrite

GhostWrite is the ultimate AI-driven email writing assistant that revolutionizes the way you draft and send emails. By leveraging the power of ChatGPT, GhostWrite enables you to generate professional-sounding emails effortlessly, save time, and enhance your productivity. Experience the future of email writing and install GhostWrite today.

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