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Effy simplifies performance reviews with AI-generated insights, ready-to-use templates, and seamless integration with Slack and MS Teams for an efficient, employee-friendly experience

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About Effy

Effy: Streamline Performance Reviews with AI and Ready-to-Use Templates

Simplify Your Performance Evaluation Process

Effy is a cutting-edge tool designed to help you conduct professional performance reviews in minutes. With ready-to-use templates and an AI-summarizing feature, Effy saves you time and provides an employee-friendly experience, integrating seamlessly with Slack and MS Teams.

Performance Review in a Click

Get started with Effy's prepared reports and AI-generated insights, eliminating the frustration of spreadsheets and forms. Enjoy a streamlined performance review process with ready-to-use templates.

Analytics & AI-Generated Insights

Effy offers comprehensive heat map analysis and data-driven insights generated by AI for every aspect of performance evaluation, ensuring a thorough and accurate assessment.

Science-Based Templates

Choose from more than 20 questionnaires created and validated by experts, giving you a solid foundation for your performance evaluations.

Participants Selection

Effy enables you to create different types of evaluations from one page, including self-reviews, manager reviews, peer reviews, and upward reviews, offering a comprehensive evaluation process.

Feedback in Slack/MS Teams

With Effy, employees can complete the review process directly from the Slack or MS Teams interface, making it more accessible and convenient.

Customizable Questions

Effy allows you to prepare any kind of questions and select personalized answers, providing a tailored approach to performance evaluations.

Improve Performance Reviews with Effy

Effy revolutionizes the performance review process with AI-generated insights, ready-to-use templates, and seamless integration with popular communication platforms like Slack and MS Teams. Streamline your performance evaluations and create a more efficient, employee-friendly experience with Effy.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $45


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