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Experience the ease of digital marketing reporting with Dataslayer. Automate and consolidate your data from various platforms for efficient analytics

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About Dataslayer

Simplifying Digital Marketing Reporting with Dataslayer

Digital marketing generates massive amounts of data. Navigating this information torrent can be daunting, but not with Dataslayer. This powerful tool offers a comprehensive solution to manage, analyze, and report your marketing data efficiently.

What is Dataslayer?

Dataslayer is a multifunctional tool that facilitates digital marketing reporting. With a few clicks, users can import and automate their data from various platforms into one central location. It streamlines the data analysis process, saving time and enhancing decision-making.

Streamlining Data with Dataslayer Products

Dataslayer offers four core products designed to fit various data needs: Dataslayer for Google Sheets, Google Looker Studio, BigQuery, and Dataslayer API Query Manager.

Dataslayer for Google Sheets

Designed for the Google Sheets platform, Dataslayer enables users to build their digital marketing reports directly into their sheets. Import campaign data from various sources like Facebook, TikTok, Bing, Google Ads, DV360, Google Analytics, and more. The tool's automated report feature delivers data within minutes, saving valuable time.

Dataslayer for Google Looker Studio

Leverage Google Looker Studio to its fullest with Dataslayer. Import campaign data faster and save reporting time. With the ability to create visually impressive dashboards, you can showcase your results and impress your clients.

Dataslayer for BigQuery

With Dataslayer for BigQuery, users can import their marketing data into BigQuery in seconds. The tool offers a simple web interface to transfer data from the API to BigQuery, facilitating data analysis on a large scale.

Dataslayer API Query Manager

The API Query Manager provides the power to import marketing data into platforms like Power BI, Qlik, AWS, and Tableau. It's a versatile tool that makes reporting a breeze across multiple data platforms.

The Dataslayer Advantage

Beyond its seamless integration with various platforms, Dataslayer offers several key benefits.


With a single subscription, Dataslayer allows unlimited users to access the service, significantly reducing the cost per user and providing excellent value for money.


Dataslayer doesn't have access to your data, providing an additional layer of security and privacy to its users.

Speed and Efficiency

Dataslayer is designed for speed. Import data from Adwords, Facebook, and more into your chosen platform swiftly, ensuring timely reporting and decision making.


In the dynamic digital marketing landscape, having a tool like Dataslayer that simplifies and enhances reporting is a game-changer. By consolidating various data sources into one place and offering automation features, Dataslayer ensures that your digital marketing reports are not just faster and easier to generate but also more insightful. Experience the Dataslayer difference today, and make the most out of your marketing data.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $29
  • $59
  • $99
  • $299


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