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Chatbase is an AI chatbot builder that trains ChatGPT on your data, creating a chatbot to answer questions and embeds it on your website

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Create Custom ChatGPT Chatbots with Chatbase

Chatbots have become increasingly popular as a means to streamline communication and provide instant, accurate information to users. Chatbase is an innovative AI chatbot builder that trains ChatGPT on your data, creating a chatbot that can answer any question about its content. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and areas of application of Chatbase.

Simple Chatbot Creation Process

Chatbase simplifies the chatbot creation process by allowing users to upload a document or add a link to their website. The platform then trains the AI chatbot on the provided data, resulting in a chatbot that can answer questions related to the uploaded content. This streamlined approach enables users to create a custom chatbot without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

Versatile Chat Widget Integration

Once the chatbot is created, users can easily embed it on their website through an iframe or a chat bubble that appears in the bottom right corner. To do this, simply create a chatbot and click «Embed on website.» This seamless integration allows website visitors to access the chatbot and receive instant answers to their questions.

API for Flexible Chatbot Communication

In addition to website integration, Chatbase offers an API that enables users to communicate with their chatbot from anywhere. This flexibility allows businesses to leverage their custom chatbot across various platforms and channels, ensuring consistent and accurate information is available to their customers.

GPT-Based Chatbot for Advanced Understanding

Chatbase supports GPT-based chatbots, which have the ability to understand and process the data provided to them. This advanced understanding allows the chatbot to answer questions related to the input data accurately and efficiently. With a current character limit of 1.2 million characters (equivalent to a 600-700 page book), Chatbase chatbots can handle a wealth of information.

Benefits of Using Chatbase

  1. Improved Customer Support: Chatbase chatbots can handle customer inquiries 24/7, providing accurate information and reducing response times. This improved support leads to higher customer satisfaction rates.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution: Implementing a chatbot can reduce the need for additional customer support staff, lowering overall operational costs.
  3. Enhanced User Engagement: Chatbots provide an interactive and personalized experience for users, encouraging them to spend more time on your website.
  4. Consistent Information Delivery: A well-trained chatbot ensures that users receive consistent and accurate information, regardless of the platform or channel they use.

Applications of Chatbase

Chatbase can be used across various industries and sectors, including:

  1. E-commerce: Chatbots can assist customers with product recommendations, order tracking, and general inquiries, improving the overall shopping experience.
  2. Education: Educational institutions can use chatbots to answer questions related to courses, programs, admissions, and financial aid.
  3. Healthcare: Hospitals and clinics can implement chatbots to provide information about services, appointments, and general health advice.
  4. Hospitality: Hotels and restaurants can use chatbots to assist guests with booking inquiries, local recommendations, and event information.


Chatbase is a powerful AI chatbot building platform that enables users to create custom ChatGPT chatbots for their websites with ease. By training the AI on user-provided data, Chatbase chatbots can accurately answer questions and provide valuable information to website visitors. The platform offers seamless website integration, a flexible API, and advanced GPT-based chatbot capabilities, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve customer support, user engagement, and information consistency across various channels.

Whether you're in the e-commerce, education, healthcare, or hospitality sector, Chatbase can provide a tailored chatbot solution to meet your needs. By embracing AI-powered chatbot technology, businesses can enhance their customer experience and streamline their operations, paving the way for growth and success.

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Pricing options

  • $19
  • $49
  • $99
  • $399


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