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Enhance your team's AI-driven conversations with ChatABC, offering advanced features like team collaboration, a vast prompt library, and a never-down service

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About ChatABC

ChatABC: Taking Your ChatGPT Experience to the Next Level

In today's fast-paced digital world, efficient team communication and collaboration are essential. Enter ChatABC, a superior version of ChatGPT that significantly enhances your team's AI-driven conversational experiences with a suite of powerful features.

Understanding ChatABC

ChatABC goes beyond just ChatGPT, offering a never-down service, team collaboration, a vast prompt library, web search capabilities, and so much more. It provides a customized chatbot experience where you can choose the character of your AI assistant, select from a variety of models, including GPT-4, and even set specific output parameters.

Features That Set ChatABC Apart

Document Upload and Query

ChatABC offers a unique feature where users can upload documents, and the AI assistant will answer any questions they have about it. This feature streamlines information access, making it easier to gain insights and solve issues.

Folder Organization

Keep your chats organized by segregating them into folders. This system prevents information overload and keeps the workspace clean and easy to navigate.

Voice-activated Assistance

ChatABC introduces the convenience of voice interaction with the AI assistant. Simply use your microphone to communicate your queries and get quick responses.

Prompt Library

ChatABC is equipped with over 150 built-in prompts, and it allows users to create their own. This vast resource makes the chatbot experience more efficient and personalized.

Customizable Output Settings

With ChatABC, you can choose the language, tone, writing style, and format of your chatbot's output, tailoring the interaction to your preferences.

Collaborative Team Features

ChatABC encourages collaboration by allowing users to invite team members to their workspace. This feature promotes collective problem-solving and ideation.

Custom Branding and Domain Hosting

ChatABC allows businesses to personalize their AI assistant experience with their own branding. They can host on their own domain, making the chatbot truly a part of their digital presence.

Ease of Use and Customer Support

ChatABC is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Its transparent pricing structures cater to various users, including hobbyists, small teams, businesses, and those with custom needs. Furthermore, ChatABC's excellent customer service ensures that all inquiries and issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

Summary is a groundbreaking tool that elevates the AI chatbot experience. It promises a faster, more efficient, and more reliable service than conventional ChatGPT. Its unique features, including document upload, prompt library, and team collaboration capabilities, make it an ideal tool for businesses and individuals looking for a comprehensive, collaborative, and interactive AI assistant. Try today and experience the future of team collaboration and AI-driven communication.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $29
  • $89


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