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Experience realistic text-to-audio conversion with Bark, Suno's AI model. Create multilingual speech, music, sound effects, and nonverbal communications with ease

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About Bark

Introducing Bark: Suno's Advanced Text-to-Audio AI Model

Bark by Suno is a transformer-based text-to-audio model that generates highly realistic, multilingual speech, music, sound effects, and nonverbal communications. Discover the incredible features and applications of this powerful AI tool.

Multilingual Speech Generation

Bark supports various languages out-of-the-box, including English, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Chinese (simplified). The model automatically detects the language from the input text and attempts to employ native accents for code-switched text. While English quality is currently the best, other languages are expected to improve with scaling.

Music and Sound Effects

Bark's versatility extends beyond speech to include music and sound effects. By adding music notes around your lyrics, you can guide the AI to generate text as music. Bark's capability to create various sound effects and ambient noise makes it a comprehensive audio solution.

Voice Cloning and Speaker Prompts

The model can fully clone voices, replicating tone, pitch, emotion, and prosody while preserving music and ambient noise from input audio. However, to prevent misuse, audio history prompts are limited to Suno-provided synthetic options for each language. Bark also supports speaker prompts like NARRATOR, MAN, and WOMAN, although these might not always be respected if conflicting audio history prompts are given.

Innovative Text-to-Audio Generation

Bark, similar to Vall-E and other groundbreaking models, employs GPT-style models to generate audio from scratch. It embeds initial text prompts into high-level semantic tokens without using phonemes, allowing it to generalize to arbitrary instructions found in the training data, including music lyrics, sound effects, and non-speech sounds. A second model then converts the generated semantic tokens into audio codec tokens to produce the full waveform.

Conclusion: Bark by Suno — The Future of Text-to-Audio

Bark's advanced text-to-audio capabilities make it an exceptional tool for generating realistic speech, music, and sound effects. Its multilingual support, voice cloning, and versatile audio generation open up countless opportunities for users in various industries. Experience the future of text-to-audio conversion with Bark by Suno today.

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