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Unleash the potential of your Google Sheets with Arcwise AI. Understand, clean, and process data effortlessly, all within your spreadsheet

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About Arcwise AI

Maximize Google Sheets Efficiency with Arcwise AI: Your Data-Driven Copilot

With an ever-increasing amount of data, businesses and individuals alike are in need of tools that can help them manage and make sense of it all. Enter Arcwise AI, a copilot for Google Sheets that leverages the power of AI, specifically the technology behind ChatGPT, to allow users to interact with, clean, and process data in Google Sheets with ease.

A Smarter Way to Interact with Your Spreadsheet

Arcwise AI takes the concept of spreadsheet management to a whole new level by embedding AI into Google Sheets. Now, users can literally chat with their spreadsheets, asking questions like «What does this sheet do?» or «What are the calculation interdependencies in A10:D20?» This offers a unique, interactive, and more intuitive way of understanding the complexities of any given spreadsheet.

AI-Powered Formula Assistance

One of the most compelling features of Arcwise AI is its ability to provide context-aware formula suggestions. Often, these suggestions are so precise that the formula can be inferred with no input at all. To further support users, Arcwise AI also links relevant StackOverflow posts for additional learning and clarification. This feature drastically reduces the time spent on formula creation and troubleshooting, allowing users to focus more on data analysis and decision-making.

Cleaning and Scraping Data Simplified

Beyond formula assistance, Arcwise AI excels in data cleaning and scraping tasks. It can reformat date columns, normalize messy addresses, and even summarize responses as per user requirements. It also possesses the capability to scrape content from browser tabs into tables, a feature that can prove invaluable for research and data gathering activities.

Accessibility and Privacy

Arcwise AI is not only powerful but also accessible. Available as a Chrome extension, it's free to use and integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets. Privacy and security are also paramount, with a clear privacy policy and terms of conditions to ensure user data is handled responsibly.


In the era of data-driven decisions, Arcwise AI emerges as an innovative tool that makes working with Google Sheets more efficient and insightful. By automating complex tasks like formula generation, data cleaning, and data scraping, it allows users to focus on extracting valuable insights. Whether you're a data scientist, a student, a researcher, or a business professional, Arcwise AI is the copilot you need to navigate the vast seas of data in Google Sheets.

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