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Utilize Arcwise to connect your data warehouse to your spreadsheet, enabling analysis on billions of rows, with the aid of an AI Copilot

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About Arcwise

Arcwise: Powerful, Scalable Spreadsheet Analysis on Massive Datasets

In a world where data-driven decisions are at the forefront of business strategies, handling vast amounts of data efficiently and effectively becomes a priority. This is where Arcwise comes into play, offering a solution that allows businesses to build models on billions of rows of data directly in their spreadsheets.

Connecting to the Right Data with Arcwise

Arcwise is a tool that enables users to connect their spreadsheets directly to their data warehouses. This seamless connection allows businesses to access the data they need without wasting time on data shuffling or manually importing CSVs. By doing so, Arcwise empowers businesses to focus on what truly matters — making informed decisions to drive their operations.

Building at Any Scale with Your Spreadsheet

The beauty of Arcwise lies in its ability to let users build anything at any scale using their spreadsheet. Unlike many other Business Intelligence (BI) tools, Arcwise removes the shackles, providing users with the freedom to create stunning reports on billions of rows of data. No longer are you limited by the capabilities of your BI tool. With Arcwise, your spreadsheet is your playground.

Your Spreadsheet as Your Scalable Analysis

Arcwise takes spreadsheet analysis to the next level. By allowing you to build in your current spreadsheet, Arcwise invisibly converts it to code, making your data analysis tasks incredibly scalable. Moreover, it enables you to publish spreadsheets to your data warehouse, or even as dbt models, facilitating data sharing and collaboration.

AI Copilot: Your Trusted Assistant

Another remarkable feature of Arcwise is its AI Copilot, powered by GPT. This AI assistant can provide guidance to help you get to the right results faster. It offers assistance with cleaning your data, creating formulas, and explaining your sheet. This makes Arcwise not just a tool, but a comprehensive solution that helps you in building reports and conducting in-depth analysis.

Extending Capabilities with Google Sheets

Arcwise's AI Copilot isn't restricted to data warehouses alone. It extends its capabilities to Google Sheets, allowing you to clean your data, get formula assistance, explain your sheet, and even scrape the web. With the AI Copilot, you get a multi-faceted tool that enhances your data manipulation and analysis capabilities.


In conclusion, Arcwise stands out as a powerful tool that revolutionizes the way businesses handle and analyze data. It seamlessly connects your data warehouse to your spreadsheet, letting you analyze billions of rows of data effortlessly. With the aid of an AI Copilot, it simplifies tasks like data cleaning and formula creation, making data analysis more efficient. Regardless of the scale of your data or the complexity of your needs, Arcwise offers a solution that drives data-driven decision making, taking your business to new heights.

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