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Discover Adobe Firefly, a generative AI model family transforming creativity across digital imaging, design, video, marketing, social media, and 3D modeling

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About Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a groundbreaking family of creative generative AI models, designed to enhance the way you create and collaborate across various Adobe products.

Transform Your Creative Workflow

Firefly's powerful AI capabilities empower creators in numerous fields:

  1. Digital Imaging and Photography: Enjoy context-aware image generation for faster experimentation and perfecting your composition.
  2. Illustration, Artwork, and Graphic Design: Generate custom vectors, brushes, and textures from simple words or sketches, and edit them using familiar tools.
  3. Video: Explore text-based video editing to change mood, atmosphere, or weather effortlessly, tailoring colors and settings to your vision.
  4. Marketing and Social Media: Create unique posters, banners, and social posts with text prompts, while utilizing mood boards for original, customizable content.
  5. 3D Modeling: Experience future-forward 3D capabilities, such as transforming simple 3D compositions into photorealistic images and generating new styles and variations of 3D objects.

Adobe Firefly: Enhancing Creativity and Collaboration

As an embedded model within Adobe products, Firefly aims to support natural creativity by offering generative AI tools specifically designed for creative needs and workflows. Creators will have the option to use content generated by Firefly commercially once it is out of beta stage, with different Firefly models tailored for various uses.

Embracing Accountability and Transparency

Adobe is dedicated to ensuring accountability, responsibility, and transparency in generative AI. Through initiatives like the Content Authenticity Initiative and the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity, Adobe is working toward a universal ┬źDo Not Train┬╗ Content Credentials tag for content use, publication, and storage.

Elevate your creative potential with Adobe Firefly, a powerful generative AI model family that seamlessly integrates with Adobe products to revolutionize your creative process.

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