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Zero-Shot Demo: Helicone w/ Justin Torre | GPT-3 application Track usage, costs, and latency metric

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Helicon: Simplifying Operational Backend for GPT Applications


Helicon is an open-source observability platform designed to simplify the operational backend for GPT applications. Whether you are developing a GPT3, GPT4, or even a CatDBT application, Helicon can be seamlessly integrated into your codebase with just one line of code. This powerful platform allows you to easily track your requests, user metrics, costs, and other valuable insights that are not readily available through traditional means.

Streamlining GPT Application Development

Helicon aims to empower GPT developers and AI companies by providing a user-friendly solution to monitor and optimize their applications. By leveraging Helicon, companies specializing in GPT apps, chatbots, or any other AI-driven solutions can gain deep visibility into their operational backend without the need for complex integrations or third-party tools. Even if you're simply curious about the requests being sent by your application, Helicon offers a straightforward and efficient way to gain more visibility.

Key Features

1. Simple Integration

With Helicon, integrating observability into your GPT application is a breeze. By replacing the base URL with «» in your code, you can connect Helicon to your application effortlessly. Helicon supports popular programming languages such as Python, Node.js, Go, and Ruby, making it accessible to a wide range of developers.

2. Comprehensive Tracking and Monitoring

Once integrated, Helicon provides a powerful dashboard where you can track and monitor various aspects of your GPT application. From total requests to user metrics, Helicon gives you a comprehensive view of your application's performance. You can even add custom properties to categorize and filter your data, allowing you to analyze specific aspects of your application more effectively.

3. Real-time Visualization

Helicon goes beyond basic logging by providing real-time visualization of your GPT application's requests and responses. For example, if you're building a chatbot, Helicon can format the chat conversations in a visually appealing manner, making it easier to analyze and understand the interactions. This emphasis on visualization helps developers quickly identify patterns, spot issues, and gain deeper insights into their application's behavior.

4. Future-Proofing with GPT4 Compatibility

Helicon is future-proof and ready to support GPT4 applications once the API becomes widely available. Given the expected high cost of running GPT4 models, Helicon's observability features become even more valuable, helping you optimize costs and monitor resource usage effectively.

User Retention and Future Enhancements

While Helicon currently focuses on tracking usage and providing detailed metrics, user retention is an area that the team behind Helicon is actively exploring. Adding user retention tracking to the platform's capabilities will enable developers to gain insights into which users are not only using their product the most but also staying engaged over time. Helicon is an open-source project, and the team welcomes feedback, suggestions, and contributions from the community to shape the platform's roadmap.




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