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Dive AI: Supercharge Your Zoom Meetings

Embrace a new era of productivity and efficiency with Dive AI for Zoom. Dive brings a host of innovative features to your virtual meetings, enhancing collaboration and streamlining follow-up tasks. From collaborative agendas to automated action items and comprehensive meeting summaries, Dive AI is set to revolutionize your Zoom meetings.

Getting Started with Dive AI

To begin your journey with Dive AI, ensure you have downloaded the Dive App for Zoom. The app can be easily found with a quick Google search. Once downloaded, you're ready to supercharge your meetings with Dive's unique features.

Inviting Dive AI to Your Meeting

After joining a Zoom meeting, head back to the Dive app and select the meeting you're currently participating in. Click on «Start Recording» to invite the Dive AI bot to your meeting. The AI bot will join your meeting, recording the proceedings and generating a transcript seamlessly in the background.

Interactive Features During the Meeting

Dive AI transforms your meeting experience, offering time-saving features that can be accessed directly from the Dive app. You can add items to your agenda, create and assign tasks, and even take private notes for personal reference. All these features are designed to enhance your meeting efficiency and productivity.

Post-Meeting Perks with Dive AI

The benefits of Dive AI extend beyond the meeting itself. Once your meeting concludes, you're provided with a comprehensive meeting recap and summary.

Comprehensive Meeting Recaps and Summaries

Dive AI can automatically send meeting recaps and action items to all attendees via Slack and email. The meeting summary, complete with AI-generated action items, video recording, and transcript, is readily available for you to review and edit if necessary.

Automation and Integration Capabilities

To customize the automation settings, visit the «Automations» tab on Dive. Furthermore, you can access your meeting recordings and transcripts from the «Recordings» tab. For enhanced integration, Dive allows you to export your summaries to Google Docs or Notion.

Access to All Your Action Items

Dive AI centralizes all your action items, making it easier to view and manage tasks assigned during various meetings.

Dive AI Support and Help Docs

In case of queries or concerns, Dive AI provides live support and comprehensive help documents. With Dive AI, you're never alone in your journey to more efficient and productive meetings.

Let Dive AI take your Zoom meetings to the next level. Start exploring the innovative features of Dive AI and experience the future of virtual meetings. Happy diving!



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