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Tutorial (Version Using Variables in AIPRM Prompts to give well-rounded feedback to AIPRM

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Enhance Your AIPRM Experience with Variables and Sandwich Feedback

AIPRM is a powerful tool that helps users create well-rounded and professional feedback. By using variables and the sandwich feedback style, users can draft objective reviews that highlight both the positive and negative aspects of a product or service. This article will demonstrate how to effectively use variables in AIPRM and provide an example of a prompt template for drafting a customer review.

Utilizing Variables in AIPRM

AIPRM allows users to incorporate up to three variables for free, making it easy to customize prompts and tailor them to specific needs. Variables enable users to create dynamic prompts that adapt based on the input provided.

Example Prompt Template for Customer Reviews

To create a well-rounded, objective review using AIPRM, you can utilize the following prompt template:

vbnetCopy codeWhat is good about [Product/Service]? That's amazing. Features, maybe. What do you also like? So many useful prompts. What is not good? That I have to pay $5 per month for tones and styles now. My name is [Your Name].

This template incorporates positive and negative aspects of the product or service being reviewed. By including both pros and cons, users can craft balanced feedback that provides valuable insights for the company.

Employing the Sandwich Feedback Style

The sandwich feedback style is a technique often used in professional settings to deliver constructive criticism. This approach involves presenting positive feedback first, followed by the negative aspects, and concluding with more positive feedback.

Crafting an AIPRM Prompt Using the Sandwich Style

To create a prompt that follows the sandwich feedback style, follow these guidelines:

  1. Begin with positive aspects of the product or service.
  2. Include any negative aspects or concerns.
  3. Conclude with additional positive comments or a recommendation.

By structuring your feedback in this way, you can effectively communicate your thoughts and concerns while maintaining a professional and balanced tone.

Maximizing AIPRM with Proper Prompt Creation

To get the most out of AIPRM, it's crucial to invest time in crafting well-designed prompts. By creating prompts that clearly outline the desired outcome and provide sufficient guidance, users can avoid common issues that lead to dissatisfaction with the tool.

AIPRM Language Syntax Highlighting Extension for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a versatile text editor that supports numerous programming languages and is also useful for writing emails and prompts. By installing the AIPRM Language Syntax Highlighting Extension, users can easily create and edit .aiprm files within Visual Studio Code, enhancing the overall AIPRM experience.


AIPRM is a valuable tool for drafting objective and well-rounded customer reviews. By utilizing variables and employing the sandwich feedback style, users can provide comprehensive feedback that addresses both the positive and negative aspects of a product or service. Investing time in proper prompt creation and utilizing helpful extensions, such as the AIPRM Language Syntax Highlighting Extension for Visual Studio Code, can significantly improve the user experience and help users get the most out of AIPRM.


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