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Speech-to-text made easy: transcribing your media with Descript

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Harnessing the Power of Descript for Efficient Transcription


In the digital era, efficient transcription is key for creating engaging content. Whether you're working with video or audio, the ability to transcribe media quickly and accurately can drastically streamline your workflow. Descript has emerged as a powerful tool that lets you edit your video or audio just like a text document.

Starting a New Project with Descript

Importing Your Media

Getting started with Descript is straightforward. To transcribe media, simply click on «Choose a file to transcribe» when starting a new project. From here, you can either import a file or drag and drop a file straight into the script editor. Once your file is uploaded, a box will pop up for you to assign speakers and choose the language of the file you imported.

Identifying Speakers

Descript offers the ability to identify multiple speakers within your media. If your clip features more than one speaker, you can choose a specific number or click «unsure». Descript will then automatically detect the speakers, prompting you to identify them by name.

Importing Multiple Files

Descript also supports the importation of multiple files. You can select and drag multiple files into the script editor, assign the number of speakers for each file, and name them. From here, you can choose to combine your media into a multi-track sequence or import your media into the script one after the other.

If you're unfamiliar with what a multi-track sequence is, Descript's help center offers comprehensive information to help you understand this feature better.

Adding Transcribed Media into an Existing Script

Adding transcribed media into an existing script is a straightforward process with Descript. Simply place your cursor where you want your media to be imported, then press return or enter. You can then click on the plus icon and choose the «File into script» option, or simply drag and drop your media onto the blank line.


With Descript, you can efficiently transcribe your media and jump right into the editing process. This tool significantly simplifies the transcription process, allowing you to create high-quality content with ease. Once you've transcribed your media, you're all set to start creating something truly remarkable. So, salute to you, future Descript user, and happy creating!


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