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Save Time Editing Videos with Wisecut - AI Video Editing Tool Review

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Wisecut: A Review of the Revolutionary AI Video Editing Tool

When it comes to AI video editing tools, Wisecut, with its impressive features and ease of use, is rapidly gaining popularity. This article will provide an in-depth review of Wisecut, highlighting its primary functions and capabilities, and how it can help in creating seamless, high-quality videos.


In the ever-evolving digital world, video content has become a crucial part of marketing strategies. However, creating high-quality videos can be a daunting task, especially if you're prone to making errors during recording or if your video has a lot of pauses. Fortunately, Wisecut, an AI video editing tool, can help. It not only enables you to cut out specific sections of the video where you've messed up, but also auto-cuts silences and smooths the cuts to make the video flow naturally.

The Wisecut Experience

The Upload and Initial Editing

Uploading your video onto Wisecut is a straightforward process. Simply hit 'create new project', select your video file, and upload it. Wisecut provides a range of automatic features, such as auto punch in/out, which scales the shot to look like there's an additional closer camera, and auto-duck, which controls the volume of the background music based on the presence or absence of voice.

You can also choose to auto cut the silences, smooth the cuts, and cancel out background noise. It's important to note that Wisecut also offers the option to bake in captions during the export, which can be a useful feature for some users.

Post-Upload Editing

Once your video is uploaded, Wisecut creates a transcript of your video that you can review. This transcript makes it easy to identify the sections of the video that you want to remove. Instead of manually going through the video, you can edit the transcript directly, and Wisecut will cut out those sections from the video. This not only makes the editing process more efficient, but it also ensures a smooth transition between different parts of the video.

Export and Final Review

After making all the necessary edits, you can preview and export your video. Wisecut provides two export options — exporting both the audio and video, or exporting just the video. The exported video is then sent to your email.

Reviewing the final video, you'll notice that Wisecut has successfully cut the video from its original length to a more manageable size by removing silences and unnecessary parts. The background music added by Wisecut also adds a nice touch to the video.

However, one thing to watch out for is the 'auto punch in/out' feature. Depending on what's happening in your video, this feature may inadvertently zoom into areas of the screen that don't provide much value to the viewer. Fortunately, Wisecut allows you to easily turn off this feature if it's not suitable for your particular video.


Wisecut is a powerful AI video editing tool that simplifies the video editing process. With its ability to auto cut silences, smooth cuts, and cancel out background noise, it is an excellent tool for anyone looking to create high-quality videos. While there may be a few features that may not work for everyone, the overall functionality and ease of use make Wisecut a highly recommended tool for video editing.


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