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Packshot Pro tutorial - 1'st Fully Automatic AI Product Photo Enhancer For E-commerce Sellers

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Introducing DeepImage: A Game-Changer in Optimizing Images for Online Marketplaces

Online sellers and businesses have a new ally in enhancing their product photos for various marketplaces: DeepImage. This innovative application not only saves time but also optimizes images to meet marketplace requirements. Here's an in-depth look into DeepImage's exciting features and how it's poised to revolutionize image optimization for e-commerce.

DeepImage: A New Approach to Image Optimization

Adapting to Unique Marketplace Guidelines

DeepImage, also known as the Packshot Pro, is an application designed to adjust images according to each marketplace's unique guidelines. With preloaded platform settings, users can select their desired marketplace, and DeepImage will configure the images accordingly. This includes specificities like the number of photos permitted per listing.

Automated Image Editing

DeepImage offers automatic background removal and cropping adjustments. This ensures images are optimized for each marketplace and eliminates the need for manual editing. Furthermore, the application utilizes Deep-Image.AI for size and color corrections. This means that all images are fine-tuned to match marketplace standards, ensuring a professional and appealing product presentation.

Utilizing DeepImage: A Step-By-Step Guide

Platform Selection and Image Upload

The first step in using DeepImage is to select the marketplace platform for which the images are intended. Up to five platforms can be chosen at once. The next step is to upload the images. Each platform may have different image limitations, and if these are exceeded, the excess photos are greyed out. Users can drag and drop images into the active section, and only these selected images will be transformed.

Selecting a Cover Photo and Applying AI Corrections

Once the images have been uploaded, users can pick a cover photo, which may be subject to different platform rules than the other images. DeepImage also allows users to apply AI corrections to color and brightness at this stage. When users click 'enhance, ' the images are processed. This can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes, depending on the number of images and selected platforms.

Downloading and Rating Images

After the processing is completed, users can download a zip file with their images organized into folders. Each platform will have a separate folder with the optimized images. DeepImage also allows users to rate each batch of images, providing valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Ensuring Compliance and Providing Excellent Customer Service

DeepImage guarantees that all images are compliant with marketplace guidelines. If any images are not accepted by a marketplace, DeepImage offers to fix them free of charge. Users can also view all their previously processed batches in a gallery, where they can rate and provide feedback on the results.

To maintain an open line of communication with its users, DeepImage encourages feedback and feature requests through the contact form on their website.

In Conclusion

DeepImage is an exciting development in image optimization for online marketplaces. By simplifying the editing process and ensuring compliance with marketplace guidelines, DeepImage can help online sellers enhance their product photos and boost their online presence. Whether you're an established business or a new seller, DeepImage's Packshot Pro is a tool worth exploring.


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