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Optimize Your Workflow with Feedhive Triggers: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Streamlining Social Media Management with FeedHive Automation Triggers

As businesses look to scale their online presence, automation becomes an essential aspect of the social media management process. An advanced feature that offers this functionality is FeedHive's automation triggers.

Understanding FeedHive Automation Triggers

FeedHive's automation triggers enable users to write content in a separate application and directly post it to FeedHive to schedule drafts or publish immediately. This could mean drafting tweets in Notion, then having them automatically sent to FeedHive as a draft.

Setting Up Automation Triggers

Creating a new trigger in FeedHive is straightforward. After naming the trigger, you can determine what action occurs when the trigger is initiated, such as creating a new draft. Additionally, a post template can be selected, although this requires prior setup.

Utilizing Google Sheets with FeedHive Triggers

One practical application of this feature involves Google Sheets. Here, tweets or other social media posts can be drafted and automatically sent to FeedHive upon addition.

Integrating Google Sheets and Make

The automation process is facilitated through, a platform designed for creating and automating workflows. In Make, the Google Sheet containing tweets is set to be monitored for new entries. When a new entry is detected, Make triggers an HTTP request that sends the tweet to FeedHive.

Configuring HTTP Requests

The HTTP request configuration involves an URL with a query parameter. FeedHive provides a handy template: « text=», where the text following the equals sign will be the tweet text from Google Sheets. This text is appended to the URL in Make, and a «GET» request is executed, sending the data to FeedHive.

Testing and Deploying Automation

Testing the setup is crucial to ensure that tweets from Google Sheets are correctly sent to FeedHive. Adding several tweets to Google Sheets and running the Make scenario should result in new drafts appearing in FeedHive.

Enhancing Content Management Processes

FeedHive's automation triggers can significantly enhance content management workflows, especially for content managers who manage vast content boards. Automation could be set up in Trello, Notion, or even using AI-based content generators. This approach presents endless possibilities, paving the way for an efficient and scalable content management process.

Whether you are looking to streamline your social media management or boost your content production efficiency, FeedHive's automation triggers offer an innovative solution. With a bit of setup, you can automate your workflows and maximize your social media strategy's efficiency.


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