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Using Chatfuel Chatbot Templates for Lead Generation

Are you a marketer or a business owner struggling to generate leads? Do you want to triple your sales using a marketing tool that often gets ignored? Well, you're in luck! Chatfuel provides free chatbot templates for lead generation that are easy to use and can automate routine tasks.

What are Chatfuel Templates?

Chatfuel templates are pre-built chatbots designed to quickly set up a chatbot for your business. They are perfect if you're new to chatbots or want to save time on the building process. Templates automate routine tasks like responding to common questions or reacting to new comments. This frees up your time to focus on other important business tasks.

How to Use Chatfuel Templates

To get started with Chatfuel templates, go to the Chatfuel templates catalog, choose your niche, and select a template that you want to use. If you don't find your niche, select a template that looks the closest to it. You can also request a custom template for your niche or goal.

Lead Generation Templates

Templates are divided by niche, and you can find lead generation templates in the sales niche. This features universal templates that are easily adaptable to the main needs that any business has. You can also explore lead generation templates in other niches.

Here are some examples of what's available in the catalog:

  • Promo codes for Facebook ads
  • Customer feedback forms
  • Event registration forms
  • Email subscriptions
  • Lead magnets

How to Triple Your Sales

To triple your sales, choose a lead generation template that fits your business needs, and adapt it to your liking. For example, if you run a pet store, you can offer your customers a discount on pet apparel and accessories for the holiday season.

Here's how to connect a Chatfuel template to your ad:

  1. Copy the code from the first block of the template
  2. Paste the code to your ad manager
  3. Connect your chatbot to Google Sheets to automatically add new leads to a spreadsheet

Don't forget to use our Chatfuel promo code to get a one-month business subscription with 1,000 conversations included for free. This offer is only valid for new users who have never paid for any Chatfuel subscription before. If you have any questions or troubles activating your promo code, contact our support team.

Using Chatfuel templates for lead generation is an effective way to automate routine tasks and generate more leads. So, start exploring the templates catalog today and see how it can help your business grow!


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