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NO MORE Bash Scripts! Use ChatGPT + Fig Instead!

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Automating tasks with Bash scripts is a common practice among developers, but it can be quite challenging, especially for those just getting started., a tool that supercharges your terminal, now makes it easy to write Bash scripts with the help of AI. offers a host of features, including intellisense for command lines and scripts, the ability to install packages from npm, and an inbuilt editor for writing scripts. A newly added feature lets you leverage AI to generate scripts.

Creating Scripts with

Fig's Scripting Interface

Within's user-friendly interface, you can create scripts that run with a single command, simplifying your development process. Whether you're running a simple bash command to echo «Hello, World!» or writing a more complex JavaScript or TypeScript program,'s inbuilt editor allows you to write, store, and execute scripts seamlessly. You can even add user inputs to your scripts, enhancing their flexibility.

Leveraging AI for Script Generation

A standout feature of is the integration of AI for script generation. Powered by ChatGPT, this feature lets you generate a Bash script by simply typing in a request, making it easier than ever to automate tasks. For instance, you could request a Bash script to kill a process running on a specific port.'s AI will then provide you with a title, a description of what the script does, and even labels the inputs in a way that makes sense within's scripting environment.

The Power of's UI and AI not only generates the script but also creates a user-friendly interface that executes the script. The AI integration gives you a code snippet, and takes that snippet to create the inputs and code within its environment. The tool also provides intellisense for the scripts, making it even easier to execute them.

Practical Application of

A practical application of is automating tasks such as killing a process running at a specific port, a task that developers often struggle with. By running the AI-generated script through, you can kill the process at the specified port, thereby freeing it up for other tasks.

Other potential use cases include converting and resizing images or renumbering image files within a folder based on the creation timestamp. Essentially, the possibilities are infinite.

Conclusion, while not sponsored, is a tool that many developers swear by. Its powerful features, coupled with the ability to generate scripts using AI, make it an invaluable asset for anyone who frequently uses Bash scripts. By transforming the way you write scripts, enhances your productivity and simplifies complex tasks.

So, why not give it a try? Explore the many ways in which can streamline your development process and don't forget to share your thoughts or ideas for automation in the comments section below.


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