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Cleanvoice AI's New Feature: Music Detector in Background Noise Remover

Cleanvoice AI, a popular platform for podcast editing, has recently added a new feature to its background noise remover. In this week's update, Adrian from Cleanvoice announced the addition of a music detector in the platform's noise remover.

The Problem

Cleanvoice AI's noise remover was previously so efficient that it could remove music from a podcast recording as easily as it removed background noise. This proved to be a problem for podcasters who had intro or outro music that they didn't want to be removed. The previous version of Cleanvoice's noise remover did not distinguish between music and background noise, which caused frustration for podcasters who spent time creating custom intros and outros.

The Solution

Cleanvoice's new music detector feature is a solution to this problem. The platform can now detect music in a podcast recording and will not remove it with its noise remover. This means that podcasters can keep their custom intro and outro music without worrying about it being removed during the editing process.

In addition, Cleanvoice's noise remover will also no longer remove filler words while music is playing. This ensures that the music in a podcast does not sound choppy or disrupted by the removal of filler words.


Cleanvoice AI's new music detector feature is a welcome addition for podcasters who use custom music in their recordings. By distinguishing between music and background noise, Cleanvoice's noise remover is now even more efficient and customizable for podcast editing. With the platform's commitment to continual improvement, we can expect more updates and features to come from Cleanvoice AI in the future.



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