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Merlin: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimize Your Workflow

Merlin is a state-of-the-art AI tool, capable of performing tasks such as summarization, translation, code generation, code explanation, and even writing emails. This article will discuss the basic use cases of Merlin, aiming to help users get the most out of this AI-powered Chrome extension.

Introduction to Merlin

Merlin, a product by Foyer, is a Chrome extension designed to streamline your online activities. Using OpenAI's ChatGPT, it can perform a wide array of tasks — from summarizing blogs to writing emails, and even generating complex Excel formulas. Let's explore its capabilities.

Getting Started with Merlin

To start using Merlin, you'll need to install the extension and log into your account. If you're using it for the first time, it's essential to refresh any currently open tabs as Chrome extensions don't typically work in the tabs that were open prior to their installation.

Merlin offers a pro plan for advanced features, details of which can be found on the pricing section of the Merlin website.

Summarizing Blogs with Merlin

Merlin makes the task of summarizing lengthy blogs a breeze. To use this feature, navigate to the blog you want to summarize, select the text, and press Ctrl + M (or Command + M for Mac users).

A dialog box will appear where you can type in your command, like «Summarize this blog in bullet points». Press Enter, and Merlin will generate a summarized version of the selected text in the requested format.

Engaging on Social Media with Merlin

Merlin can help you engage with your audience on social media platforms by crafting responses to comments or posts. To use this feature, select the text you want to respond to, invoke Merlin, and request it to generate a response.

Merlin is intelligent enough to suggest hashtags or mentions, depending on the platform you're using, making your engagement more impactful.

Crafting Emails with Merlin

Merlin's capabilities extend to crafting emails, including cold emails for collaboration. To use this feature, invoke Merlin, and type in your command, such as «Write a cold email for collaborating on a YouTube video with Mr Beast». Merlin will generate an email in a templated format, making it easy for you to customize the email to your liking.

Generating Complex Excel Formulas with Merlin

Merlin's prowess in handling complex tasks is exemplified by its ability to generate Excel formulas. For instance, if you need a formula to multiply every alternative row in a column and then divide by 100, Merlin can generate the formula for you.

Code Generation and Simplification with Merlin

Merlin can generate code snippets, including complex SQL queries. Moreover, it can simplify code and explain it in layman's terms, making it an invaluable tool for learning and understanding programming languages.

To generate or simplify code, select the relevant text or type in your request, and Merlin will do the rest.


Merlin offers a wealth of functionality, providing an AI-powered assistant right at your fingertips. Whether you're summarizing content, engaging on social media, crafting emails, generating Excel formulas, or working with code, Merlin can help you accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.

Join the Merlin Discord community to engage with other users, report bugs, request features, and help make Merlin even better.



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