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Introducing FinChat - ChatGPT for Finance

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Introducing The Game Changer for Equity Research Bringing the Power of ChatGPT to Finance

Meet, an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the world of finance and equity research. Drawing upon the capabilities of ChatGPT, brings an advanced degree of precision to your fingertips. Whether you're exploring market trends, analyzing company financials, or comparing businesses, is designed to provide accurate and reliable insights.

Understanding the Interface

Upon logging into the platform, users can explore chat history or initiate a new chat, all within a user-friendly interface. presents an updated list of companies for which detailed data, filings, and transcripts are available. The ability to ask granular questions about these companies and receive instant, data-backed responses is one of's unique selling points.

Initiating a New Chat

Upon initiating a new chat, you're presented with several options. You might ask the system to compare Amazon's AWS to Google's Cloud platform, for instance. Importantly, specificity is the key here; by asking the AI to «please provide data,» you trigger a detailed response that includes revenue and operating income for both services, annually and quarterly, along with a comprehensive summary.

Using for Informed Equity Research's capabilities extend beyond company specifics, delving into investment portfolios of renowned figures such as Warren Buffett. A simple question about Buffett's portfolio elicits a detailed response about Berkshire Hathaway's investment portfolio, based on the latest 13 °F filing. It provides data on the top 10 holdings and their respective proportions, all neatly presented in a table format.

Getting Specific with

Further queries can be as specific as the number of locations a company has globally or how many units a company sells of a specific product. For example, a question about the number of Home Depot locations or the number of Tesla cars sold are handled proficiently by the platform, providing the latest figures and, where possible, a breakdown of those figures.

Digging Deeper with

Not only does provide data-backed responses, but it also delivers insight from key players in the companies you're interested in. For example, asking for data on Tesla car sales and quotes from Elon Musk about the Model 3 results in not only sales figures but also excerpts from transcripts featuring Musk's comments on the Model 3.

Quality Assurance and Data Verification

While's AI is advanced, it might occasionally make spelling mistakes. However, the focus here is the accuracy of data, and that's where the platform shines. Each data point provided is backed by verified data and linked to the source, ensuring transparency and reliability.

Data-driven Comparisons with

The AI behind has been fed thousands of pages of investment reading material, hedge fund letters from esteemed investors, and data on over 750 companies. This allows it to compare parameters such as active users across different social media platforms and provide auditable data to support its findings.

Getting Started with

Whether you're a seasoned investor or a novice exploring the world of finance, is a tool designed to empower your decision-making with accurate and reliable data. Dive into the world of informed equity research with


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