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Integrating Open AI with Google Series : Chrome Plugin for Google Collab, BigQuery Jupyter Notebooks

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How CodeSquire Can Help with Your Data Science and Machine Learning Work

Are you looking for an alternative to GitHub copilot that can work with Jupiter notebooks and other similar environments? Look no further than CodeSquire AI, a Google Chrome extension that can provide similar functionality to GitHub copilot in your browser. In this article, we'll discuss how CodeSquire AI can help you with your data science and machine learning work.

Installing CodeSquire AI

To get started with CodeSquire AI, simply download the Chrome extension from the CodeSquire website and install it in your browser. Once you sign in with your Google account, you can activate the chat GPT feature in your Jupiter notebook or other similar environments.

Using CodeSquire AI

To use CodeSquire AI, simply highlight the code you want to ask about and press Ctrl or Command K, depending on your platform. CodeSquire AI will then suggest the next step in your program, helping you to write code more efficiently.

Examples of Using CodeSquire AI

CodeSquire AI can be used in a variety of scenarios, including:

1. Getting Code from Text

If you have text that you want to turn into code, simply copy and paste it into CodeSquire AI and it will provide you with the code.

2. Sorting Comments into Code

If you have comments that you want to turn into code, CodeSquire AI can help. It can suggest the code based on the comments you provide.

3. Writing Functions Using Well-Known Libraries

CodeSquire AI can also help you write functions using well-known libraries, making it easier to work with these libraries in your code.

4. Translating Language into SQL Queries

If you need to translate language into SQL queries, CodeSquire AI can help with that too.

Advantages of CodeSquire AI

One of the biggest advantages of CodeSquire AI is that it works in places where GitHub copilot does not, such as Jupiter notebooks and other similar environments. Additionally, you do not need to enter your OpenAI key, so your credits are not being used.


If you are a data scientist or machine learning professional looking for a way to write code more efficiently in Jupiter notebooks and other similar environments, consider giving CodeSquire AI a try. With its ability to suggest code and translate language into SQL queries, it can help you work more efficiently and effectively.


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