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I quit Final Cut after Learning these 3 Descript Tricks

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Leveling Up Video Editing with Descript: Three Game-Changing Features


In today's digital media landscape, efficiency and time-saving techniques are essential for content creators. Descript, a transcription and editing tool, has proven to be a game-changer in this regard. Offering more than just basic transcription services, Descript has three unique features that drastically improve the content creation process.

Record As You Go

Cutting Down Content Creation Time

One of the primary challenges for content creators is the time-consuming nature of the content creation process. This is where Descript's 'Record as you go' feature comes in handy. As you record your screen or webcam, Descript transcribes your video in real time. This feature allows you to edit your content as you record, saving precious time and reducing pressure to get things right on the first take.

Editing while Recording

While recording, it's not uncommon to have multiple takes of a sentence or phrase. With traditional video editing software, you'd need to sift through all the footage to find the best take. However, Descript's real-time transcription allows you to edit as you go. You can pause, review, and edit your script, then continue recording. This results in a polished rough cut by the time you finish recording, reducing post-production time significantly.

Editing Like a Document

Ignoring Instead of Deleting

Traditional video editing often involves cutting up clips and moving them around the timeline. This process can be time-consuming and confusing, especially when you have multiple takes of the same sentence. Descript offers a unique approach to this issue. Instead of deleting unwanted parts of your video, you can simply ignore them. The ability to 'ignore' parts of your script allows for a more fluid editing process, enabling you to experiment with different sentence structures without permanently removing any content.

The Power of Words

The ability to view and edit the words in your video as a document, rather than as a series of clips, can be a significant time-saver. You can easily manipulate the script, ignoring or including certain parts, without having to chop up the timeline and move clips around.

Multicam Editing Made Simple

Streamlining Multicam Edits

If you're recording from multiple sources simultaneously, such as a camera and a screen recorder, Descript makes multicam editing simple. All you need to do is line up the waveforms to ensure they both start at the same time. You can then edit your multicam sequence as easily as any other video in Descript.

Versatility of Use

While Descript is incredibly efficient for creating talking head videos with some b-roll or screen recording, it may not replace traditional video editors for more complex projects. For instance, for in-depth tutorials involving intricate screen recordings, software like ScreenFlow might be more suitable.

However, Descript excels in creating short-form content, such as shorts or TikToks. It's quick and easy-to-use, making it an excellent tool for batch creating content and automatically repurposing it across different platforms.


In conclusion, Descript provides a unique and efficient approach to video editing. Its features, such as 'Record as you go', 'Editing like a document', and simplified multicam editing, are game-changers in the content creation process. For many projects, especially short-form content and talking head videos, Descript could be the ultimate tool for creating polished, professional videos in less time.


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