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How to use Form Wise with GoHighLevel

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Integrating FormWise with Go High Level: A Step-by-step Guide

FormWise is a versatile tool that can be integrated with a myriad of platforms to improve the efficiency of your operations. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of connecting FormWise with Go High Level, a popular CRM platform. We'll demonstrate how to send AI responses from FormWise into your Go High Level account and save it as a custom field for easier email or text communication with your contacts.

Creating a Form in FormWise

Structuring Your Form

FormWise allows you to structure your forms according to your specific needs. In this example, we'll focus on creating a Ā«Slogan GeneratorĀ» tool. Remember, to integrate with Go High Level, you'll need to collect a unique identifier, such as an email or phone number, which is required to create or update a contact within the Go High Level workflow.

Adding Required Fields

The initial step is to ensure that you have fields in your FormWise form for full name, email, and phone number. These fields should be marked as 'required' to ensure that users cannot submit the form without providing this crucial information.

Crafting an AI Personality

Next, you will add an AI personality to your form. This personality will drive the AI response in your tool. For the slogan generator example, you won't need to map other fields into the prompt since the goal is to generate a quick slogan response.

Setting Up Webhooks

After adding the required fields and AI personality, ensure your webhook is activated. Webhooks, which are available on FormWise's paid plans, allow you to connect FormWise with Go High Level.

Setting Up Your Go High Level Workflow

Creating a New Workflow

Once you've set up your form in FormWise, you'll need to create a new workflow in Go High Level. This workflow will start with the 'Inbound Webhook' premium trigger. You'll need to copy the URL provided by Go High Level for this webhook.

Linking FormWise to Go High Level

After copying the webhook URL from Go High Level, you'll need to paste this URL into the webhook URL field in FormWise. After pasting the URL, remember to publish your AI tool to ensure the settings are saved.

Testing Your Integration

To ensure the integration works as expected, fill out your FormWise form with sample data and generate an AI response. You can then return to your Go High Level workflow to fetch a sample request. This request should contain all the data entered into the form.

Finalizing Your Go High Level Workflow

Mapping Form Data

With your sample request in Go High Level, you can now map the data from your FormWise form to your Go High Level contact fields. This includes the full name, email, and phone number fields.

Creating and Updating Contacts

Go High Level will automatically create or update a contact with the information you've mapped. This includes the AI response, which can be saved as a custom field.

Taking Further Actions

Once you've mapped your data and created or updated your contact, you can set up additional actions in Go High Level. For example, you can configure it to send the AI response (or any other custom field data) to your contact via email or text.


With FormWise and Go High Level, you can automate the process of generating and sending AI responses to your contacts, saving you time and effort. By following the steps in this guide, you can ensure a seamless integration of these two powerful tools to elevate your customer engagement and communication.



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