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How to create a song on boomy!

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How to Create a Song on Boomy

Boomy is a music creation platform that allows users to create and release their own music. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to create a song on Boomy.

Signing Up and Choosing the Type of Music

To begin, you need to sign up or sign in to your Boomy account. After signing in, you will be directed to the Boomy studio where you can create your own music. Next, you need to choose the type of music you want to make. Boomy offers several options, including custom songs, cover songs, and remixes.

Creating Your Song

Once you have selected the type of music, you can begin creating your song. Boomy's platform allows you to choose your favorite instruments and add vocals to your song. The platform will then use robots to create the music for you.

Choosing Your Instruments

Boomy provides a range of instruments for you to choose from. You can select your favorite instruments to use in your song. You can even choose all instruments if you prefer.

Adding Vocals

Boomy's platform allows you to add vocals to your song. Adding vocals is a straightforward process. Boomy will edit the vocals for you and create a nice mix. You can even allow Boomy to auto-generate lyrics for your song.

Previewing Your Song

Once you have created your song, you can preview it. Boomy's platform will create a music file for you to listen to. You can also change the name of your song using the platform's randomized feature. This feature generates a random name for your song.

Releasing Your Song

After creating your song, you may want to release it to the public. Boomy's platform makes it easy to release your song. In the next video, we will guide you on how to release your song on Boomy.


In conclusion, Boomy is an excellent platform for anyone looking to create their own music. The platform is user-friendly, and the process of creating a song is straightforward. Boomy's use of robots to create music is impressive and ensures that the music produced is of high quality. If you are looking to create your own music, Boomy is the platform for you.



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