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How to Use Genie Webview to Generate Content

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Harnessing the Power of Genie WebView in GetGenie

Introduction to Genie WebView

Redefining Content Generation with GetGenie

Genie WebView is the latest feature in GetGenie, an AI-powered content generator tool. This revolutionary feature allows users to generate diverse content types without requiring a WordPress website. Genie WebView simplifies the content creation process, making it accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Accessing Genie WebView

Easy Steps to Initiate Genie WebView

After logging into your GetGenie account, visit the «Manage Sites» page, followed by the «Playground» tab. This leads to the GetGenie editor, where all GetGenie features are visible and accessible, identical to the interface within a WordPress website.

Genie WebView Interface

The GetGenie editor presents a comprehensive list of writing templates on the right bar. These templates facilitate content generation, allowing users to produce tailored content for various purposes.

Content Generation with Genie WebView

Navigating the Blog Wizard

With Genie WebView, users can employ the «Blog Wizard» feature to create blog content step by step. Initiate the process by entering a keyword into the relevant field. Optionally, you can also add a context for the keyword.

The Analysis Phase

Clicking on the «Analyze Keyword» button prompts the display of three tabs: Keywords, Competitors, and Questions Asked. This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights related to your chosen keyword, aiding in the creation of highly optimized blog content.

Building the Blog Structure

Crafting Title and Intro

Once you select a title, the subsequent step involves generating an introduction for your blog. From the options provided, choose the most suitable intro for your content.

Outlining the Blog Content

The 'Outline' feature provides a range of potential headings for your blog post. Carefully select your preferred headings to ensure a structured and coherent blog post.

Content Generation and Expansion

From Outline to Full Blog Post

Once satisfied with the outlined structure, you can generate content for each heading by clicking the 'Genie' icon and selecting 'Expand Outlines'. The generated content appears in a separate tab, from where you can easily copy it into the editor.

Completing the Blog Post

Following the outlined structure, you can expand all headings and generate a comprehensive blog post directly from Genie WebView, regardless of your WordPress website status.

Utilizing Genie Chat Feature in WebView

Interactive Assistance with Genie Chat

Beyond content generation, Genie WebView also allows users to utilize the 'Genie Chat' feature. Select a personality type, such as 'Professional Writer', and write your question in the provided field. Genie Chat will analyze the question and provide an appropriate response.

Continued Conversations with Genie Chat

Genie Chat is interactive, allowing users to reply to given answers and keep the conversation flowing. This AI-powered chat feature works identically on Genie WebView as it does on your WordPress website, offering consistent user experience.


In a nutshell, Genie WebView provides users with the freedom to generate any content type without the constraints of a WordPress website. It encapsulates the powerful capabilities of GetGenie into an accessible platform, transforming the content creation process. GetGenie's Genie WebView is indeed a significant stride towards more flexible and user-friendly AI-driven content generation.



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