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How to Easily Share Bito Content with Your Colleagues and Friends

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How to Share Bito Content with Colleagues and Friends

If you've created content on Bito and want to share it with your colleagues or friends, it's easy to do so with just a few clicks. This short video demonstrates the simple process of sharing Bito content.

Sharing Options

With the sharing icon in Bito, you have three options for sharing your content:

Tweeting a Specific Q& A

You can easily share a specific Q& A by clicking the Twitter icon. This will automatically compose a tweet that you can share with your Twitter followers. The tweet includes a permanent web page link, which allows your followers to view the specific content.

Composing an Email

Another option is to compose an email and send it directly to your colleagues. This is a great way to share content with people who may not be on your social media channels. Simply click the email icon, compose your message, and hit send.

Copying the Link

Finally, you can simply copy the link and share it wherever you want. This is a great option if you want to embed the link in a document, share it on Slack or other channels like Discord or Facebook.


Bito's new sharing feature makes it easy to share your content with colleagues and followers. With just a few clicks, you can tweet a specific Q& A, compose an email, or copy the link to share wherever you want. If you have any feedback on this feature, let the Bito team know via their support or Slack channels.



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