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Simplify Software Tutorials with Guidde


Guidde is an innovative tool that allows you to capture instant how-to videos for any software application. In this article, we will explore how Guidde works and the features it offers to simplify the process of creating informative and engaging software tutorials. Let's dive in!

Seamless Capture Process

Capturing a how-to video with Guidde is a breeze. Let's take Salesforce as an example. The first step is to install the Guidde browser extension. Once installed, simply click on «Capture Now» to start the recording. You can then perform your workflow within Salesforce, such as updating an opportunity and creating a new task. When you're finished, click «Stop» on the recorder.

Instant Video Generation

Guidde automatically transforms your actions and clicks into an instant video. It captures every step of your workflow, highlighting the actions and generating call-outs for clarity. The result is a comprehensive video tutorial that showcases your software usage effortlessly.

Personalization and Sharing

After the video is generated, Guidde provides personalization options similar to a PowerPoint presentation. You can add arrows, call-outs, and numbering to enhance the visual elements. Once you're satisfied, you can easily share the video with others. Guidde supports various formats, including GIFs, allowing you to attach the video to tickets in Zendesk or share it through other communication channels.

Knowledge Base Creation

Guidde's preview page feature enables you to extract individual screenshots from the video. This functionality is useful for creating instant knowledge base articles. You can paste the screenshots into Confluence or your preferred editor, edit the content, and create informative articles for your users or customers.

Export and Embed

Guidde offers flexibility when it comes to exporting and embedding your videos. You can export the video as an MP4 file for offline use or embed it directly into web pages. This ensures that your tutorials are accessible in various formats, catering to different learning preferences.

Video Library

Guidde also provides a video library feature for easy access to your recorded tutorials. You can access the library directly from the browser extension or through the web application. This centralizes all your videos, making it convenient to watch, share, and collaborate on your software tutorials.


Guidde is a valuable tool for simplifying the process of creating software tutorials. Its seamless capture process, instant video generation, personalization features, and knowledge base creation capabilities make it a must-have for businesses and individuals who want to deliver effective software training.



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