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GitHub Copilot: Using Voice to Code

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GitHub Copilot Voice: Revolutionizing Coding Accessibility


GitHub Copilot, the AI-powered programming companion, has garnered significant attention from the developer community since its launch. However, it's important to recognize that Copilot's impact extends beyond the realms of coding efficiency and productivity. This article explores a new development in GitHub Copilot that showcases its potential to enhance accessibility in coding for individuals with mobility impairments.

Empowering Developers with Mobility Impairments

GitHub received valuable feedback from developers with mobility impairments, who expressed enthusiasm about Copilot's potential to improve coding productivity by reducing the need for extensive typing on a traditional keyboard. Acknowledging this feedback, GitHub's research team has taken a step further to address these accessibility concerns and introduce a groundbreaking feature.

Introducing GitHub Copilot Voice

Copilot Voice, the latest addition to the GitHub Copilot ecosystem, is an innovative solution designed to facilitate coding without the reliance on a keyboard. By leveraging voice commands, developers can interact with Copilot and execute coding tasks seamlessly. The integration of voice functionality within Visual Studio Code opens up new possibilities for developers with mobility impairments, enabling them to navigate the editor, ask questions, run programs, and leverage Copilot's power with just their voice.

A Voice-Enabled Coding Experience

The demonstration showcased the remarkable capabilities of Copilot Voice. Through voice commands, developers can initiate active mode, interact with Copilot, and perform coding tasks entirely without a keyboard. In the demo, the developer utilized Copilot's assistance to understand the linspace method, modify code snippets, debug programs, and observe variable values. The fluidity and ease of the voice-enabled coding experience were evident, highlighting the potential for a more inclusive and accessible coding environment.

Advancing Accessibility in Coding

GitHub is committed to collaborating with developers worldwide to explore how this technology can benefit individuals in their everyday coding endeavors. By embracing feedback and insights from the community, GitHub aims to continually improve the accessibility of Copilot and Visual Studio Code. The integration of Copilot Voice into the coding workflow holds promise for reducing barriers and enabling more people to engage with coding, regardless of mobility limitations.

Join the Waitlist and Provide Feedback

If you're eager to experience the power of Copilot Voice, sign up for the waitlist to be among the first to access this groundbreaking feature. GitHub welcomes your feedback and suggestions on ways to further enhance coding accessibility and reduce barriers for developers with mobility impairments. Together, we can foster an inclusive coding environment that empowers individuals to pursue their coding aspirations.


GitHub Copilot continues to evolve and demonstrate its potential to transform the coding landscape. With the introduction of Copilot Voice, coding accessibility reaches new heights, empowering developers with mobility impairments to engage in coding tasks effortlessly. By leveraging voice commands and eliminating the need for a keyboard, Copilot Voice paves the way for a more inclusive coding experience. GitHub's commitment to advancing accessibility ensures that developers worldwide can overcome barriers and unleash their coding potential.



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