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Streamlining Grading with Gradescope and Canvas Integration

Gradescope, an advanced grading platform, offers seamless integration with Canvas, a popular learning management system. This powerful combination allows educators to efficiently manage and grade bubble sheet exam responses within Canvas. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of setting up Gradescope through Canvas and creating a streamlined workflow for grading bubble sheet exams.

Setting Up Gradescope through Canvas

To begin, navigate to your Canvas course module section and click the plus sign at the top right. Choose «Assignments» from the drop-down menu and click «Create Assignment.» Give the assignment an appropriate name, select «Add Item,» and then choose the quiz you want to associate with Gradescope.

Once the assignment is created, click «Edit» at the top right to adjust the point values and other settings. Scroll down to the «Submission Type» section and select «External Tool.» Click «Find» and locate Gradescope from the list of tools. Be sure to select Gradescope and check the box that says «Load this tool in a new tab» for enhanced reliability and security. Finally, click «Save» and choose to either «Publish» the assignment or simply «Save» it for later.

Syncing Rosters and Creating Assignments

When you're ready to post grades to Canvas, open the assignment in a new window by selecting «Load» for the respective assignment. This will take you to the Gradescope online system. If it's your first time using Gradescope this semester, choose «Link with the new Gradescope course» and follow the prompts to link your course.

Next, click the «Roster» button on the left-hand side of the Gradescope interface and select «Sync Canvas Roster.» Uncheck the option to notify new users and then click «Sync.» This action will synchronize your Canvas roster with Gradescope, ensuring that all your students are included.

Now it's time to create assignments within Gradescope. Click on «Assignments» on the left-hand side and select «Create Assignment.» Choose the «Bubble Sheet» assignment type and proceed. Enter the same assignment name as used in Canvas and ensure that the instructor is selected as the one who will upload the submissions. Create the assignment, and then you can fill in the answer key and adjust the point values for each question.

Uploading and Grading Bubble Sheet Submissions

To complete the grading process, you'll need to scan the bubble sheets and convert them into a single PDF file. Once you have the PDF file, return to Gradescope and select «Manage Submissions.» If Gradescope was unable to match the correct name to a submission, you can manually adjust it at this stage.

Next, click «Grade Submissions» to review and adjust any uncertain marks to accurately reflect students' responses. For example, if a student didn't intend to select a particular option, you can uncheck it to correct the grading. Confirm all marks and then proceed to «Review Grades.»

In the «Review Grades» section, you have several options. It's important not to publish grades here to prevent students from accessing the answer key. Instead, select «Post Grades to Canvas.» If prompted, press «Edit» and choose the appropriate assignment to link. Save the settings and then click «Post Grades to Canvas» once again. This action will upload the grades to Canvas.

Confirming Uploaded Grades in Canvas

To verify that the grades have been successfully uploaded to Canvas, go back to your Canvas course and access the «Grades» section. You should see the synced grades in the Gradebook, ensuring that your grading process is complete.

Enhance Your Grading Workflow with Gradescope and Canvas Integration

By integrating Gradescope with Canvas, educators can streamline the grading process for bubble sheet exams, saving time and ensuring accuracy. The seamless synchronization of rosters and the ability to upload and grade bubble sheet submissions within Gradescope simplify the assessment workflow. Start leveraging the power of Gradescope and Canvas integration today for a more efficient grading experience.



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