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Generate Ai Content in Bricks Builder | Ai Copywriting Tutorial for WordPress using GetGenie Ai

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Streamlining AI Copy Generation with GetGenie in Brics Builder

Introduction to GetGenie in Brics Builder

Unleashing AI Capabilities in Web Building

GetGenie is a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool designed to streamline content generation. It can be utilized within the Brics Builder platform to automatically generate copies using a variety of templates. This article will guide you through the process of creating AI copies in Brics Builder using GetGenie's IDA, PAS and Product Ad Copy templates.

Generating AI Copies using IDA Template

Utilizing the IDA Template

In the first step, you need to navigate to the templates section in Brics Builder and initiate the edit mode. Locate and click on the GetGenie icon adjacent to the text field. This leads you to the 'Write Using Templates' option.

Implementing the IDA Template

After selecting the 'Write Using Templates' option, scroll down to find and select the IDA template. This template will require you to input the product name and a brief product description. Additional settings such as language, writing tone, creativity level, and the number of results can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Once these settings are applied, click on 'Write'. The AI will take a few moments to generate the desired number of outputs based on the given inputs. Review these results, copy the most suitable one and paste it into your desired location within the Brics Builder.

Generating AI Copies using the PAS Framework

Applying the PAS Template

The PAS (Problem-Agitation-Solution) template in GetGenie follows a similar process to the IDA template. To start, click on the GetGenie icon and select the PAS template. Input the product name and description, adjust the creativity level, and set the desired number of outputs.

Implementing the PAS Template

After clicking 'Write', GetGenie will generate several output options based on your input. Review these, choose the most fitting one, and paste it either directly on your web page or into a separate document for further formatting.

Generating AI Copies using the Product Ad Copy Template

Engaging the Product Ad Copy Template

For product-specific advertising copies, the 'Product Ad Copy' template is your go-to option in GetGenie. After selecting this template, input the product name and description, and adjust the additional settings as required.

Crafting Effective Ad Copies

GetGenie will then generate several ad copy options based on your inputs. Select and copy the output that suits your needs and paste it into your web page within Brics Builder. Remember to click 'Save' to secure all your changes.


In essence, GetGenie in Brics Builder provides a streamlined approach to generating customized AI copies for your website. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of templates make content creation an effortless process. Elevate your web content strategy with GetGenie today.


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