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Harnessing the Power of FormWise for Sales Teams: A Practical Guide

FormWise, an innovative no-code builder, can serve as a critical tool for sales teams and individual salespeople. It offers a wide array of applications, including the ability to create internal tools that can aid in generating sales scripts and managing customer interactions.

Leveraging FormWise for Sales Teams

Building an Internal Sales Script Generator

Using FormWise, sales teams can create an internal tool that generates tailored email sales scripts. For instance, if you're an auto dealer, you can create an «Auto Dealer Sales Script Generator» which would assist your sales team in crafting personalized emails to prospective clients.

Setting Up Your Form

To start, you would need to create a new form and design it according to your specific needs. The form could include various fields such as the customer's name, the type of communication (email or website copy), and the sender's details. These fields provide the necessary data points that the AI will use to create personalized sales scripts.

Choosing an AI Personality

Next, you'll need to select an AI personality for your tool. You could either choose from FormWise's AI Personality Template Marketplace or create one from scratch. For instance, in the context of a sales script generator, your AI personality could be named «AI Sales Script Generator.»

Crafting Your AI Prompts

FormWise allows you to craft customized AI prompts for your tool. These prompts are designed to guide the AI in generating the sales scripts based on the data provided in the form fields. You could also specify the number of words that you'd like in your sales script, offering further customization.

Selecting Your GPT Engine

FormWise gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) engine, such as GPT-3.5 Turbo, to power your tool. This selection determines how the AI generates the desired sales scripts.

Integrating FormWise with Your CRM

One of the standout features of FormWise is its ability to integrate with your existing CRM or other applications through webhooks. This means you can send submissions to specific emails or even redirect the form results, allowing you to streamline your sales processes.

Customizing Your Form's Appearance and Interactions

With FormWise, you can personalize the appearance of your form to match your brand. You can also choose to display the AI results upon form submission and add an estimated time for generating the scripts.

Testing Your FormWise Tool

After setting up your tool, it's time to test its functionality. With an interactive form, you can input different scenarios and observe how the AI responds. For instance, you can simulate a customer's objection and see how the AI generates a tailored sales script to address it.


FormWise offers a versatile platform for creating AI-powered tools that can enhance your sales process. Whether you're a sales team looking to streamline operations or an individual salesperson wanting to automate email scripting, FormWise provides a unique solution that caters to your needs. With FormWise, your creativity is your only limit.


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