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FormWise - Build no-code AI tools with your favorite GPT prompts

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Introducing FormWise: The No-Code Builder for GPT-Powered Apps and Tools

FormWise is a revolutionary no-code builder designed to help you launch advanced GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) powered apps, tools, forms, and widgets. Offering a multitude of applications from creating internal AI sales objection tools to embedding interactive widgets on your site, FormWise streamlines your operations and brings AI capabilities to your fingertips.

How to Create Your Tool with FormWise

Setting Up Your Tool

FormWise makes it easy to customize your tool to suit your specific needs. You start by adding custom fields to your tool, including multi-line text, currency, email, numbers, or multiple choice fields. These fields are the primary data points that your end users will fill out when interacting with your tool.

Choosing an AI Personality

The next step is selecting an AI personality for your tool. These AI personalities are essentially GPT prompts that determine how your tool will interact with user input. If you need inspiration, you can explore FormWise's AI Personality Template Marketplace, which offers a wide array of AI personalities and prompts tailored to different industries and use cases. Importing these templates into your account is as simple as one click.

Visual Prompt Framing Builder

FormWise's unique Visual Prompt Framing Builder is designed with non-technical users in mind. It allows you to create and store your prompts in a single location, with your tool fields dynamically injected into your custom prompts. You can also choose your GPT engine and its settings, with the option to use your own OpenAI API key, if needed.

Customizing Your Tool's Appearance

FormWise also allows you to customize the appearance of your tool. Choose your theme, background, and other visual elements to match your brand. Furthermore, you can embed your AI tools on any website platform and control access with domain permissions. This means you can insert your AI tools when and where you need them.

Interacting with Your Tool

After setting up your tool, it's time to put it to the test. Users interact with your tool by filling out the fields you've customized. You can decide to display AI responses upon submission, remove branding, or redirect users after submitting.

Analyzing Responses and Integrations

FormWise offers comprehensive response tracking. You can monitor responses on the backend of your dashboard, with unlimited test responses available for prompt iteration and refinement. Furthermore, FormWise allows you to email form entries and AI responses to any chosen email.

One of FormWise's powerful features is its webhook access. This facilitates seamless integration with various applications via Zapier or any other application that accepts webhooks.

Expanding Possibilities with FormWise

Thousands of users are already leveraging FormWise to create AI widgets, quizzes, data analysis tools, lead magnets, internal widgets, and much more. The possibilities with FormWise are truly endless. Sign up and create a free account today to start building your AI-powered tools and applications with FormWise.


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