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FormWise.AI Use Case For HighLevel - AI Quizzes, Lead Qualification, Snapshot Automation, Etc!

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Harnessing the Power of FormWise and Go High Level for Instant Decision AI Generators

Businesses today are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with customers and generate leads. One of the latest strategies involves the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to create lead magnets for clients. This article details how businesses can integrate FormWise and Go High Level to achieve this goal, specifically through creating an instant decision AI generator.

Creating Your AI Generator with FormWise

Building a Custom Form

FormWise allows users to create custom forms that can be embedded on any website, offering a versatile tool for lead generation. Each form field can be specifically mapped to a custom prompt, creating a dynamic and personalized user experience.

In our example, we'll demonstrate this process with a form designed for a personal injury lawyer. The user's entries on the front-end form serve as custom fields in the prompt, which are then processed by OpenAI.

Configuring Your Form Settings

FormWise offers a range of settings that enhance the functionality of your forms. These settings allow you to limit response length, specify post-submission redirection, and even customize how form submission results are presented. You can opt to display AI-generated results upon submission, send results to a specified email, or transmit the data to a webhook.

Integrating FormWise with Go High Level via Zapier

Setting Up Your Webhook

FormWise's recent addition of webhook capability opens up the possibility of integrating with Zapier. By using a webhook, the AI response data and field entries from a form submission can be sent to Zapier, triggering a workflow there.

In the case of our personal injury lawyer form, filling out the form and clicking 'submit' sends the form data and AI response to Zapier.

Mapping Data in Zapier

Once Zapier receives the data, you can map the field entries and AI response into specific actions within Zapier. For our example, this involves creating a contact with the full name, phone number, and email from the form submission. We also assign a tag to the contact, «AI lead opt-in», and save the AI response in a custom field.

Leveraging Go High Level to Complete Your Workflow

Triggering Your Workflow

With your data mapped in Zapier, you can trigger a workflow in Go High Level based on the assigned tag. In our example, the AI response is sent as a text to the contact, providing the user with instant, personalized feedback based on their form submission.

Embracing the Possibilities of FormWise and Go High Level Integration

By integrating FormWise and Go High Level, businesses can leverage the power of AI for a multitude of purposes. The AI response can be used to introduce conditional logic into workflows, populate landing page copy, or even tailor email content. And while this article uses the personal injury law sector as an example, this integration is applicable across various industry segments.

Joining the FormWise beta program opens up these possibilities and more, providing an avenue for businesses to redefine their approach to lead generation and customer engagement.



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