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In this video Launches Multilingual Transcription Support

Leading AI-driven transcription service,, is proud to announce a significant enhancement to its offering — multilingual transcription support. This feature was born out of the need to cater to a global user base and is set to transform the way businesses conduct international meetings.

Accommodating the Languages of Business now supports transcription in six additional languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch. This pivotal development is in response to the platform's diverse user base who conduct meetings in different languages. Looking ahead, plans to roll out ten more languages, further expanding the versatility of its offering.

The Power of Choice: Setting Your Default Language

Activating this feature is a simple process. Navigate to the settings on your account and select your preferred language. Additionally, the platform offers various versions of English — US, Australian, British, and Global — to cater to English speakers with different accents.

Seamless Integration: at Work

Once the language setting is updated, invite the note-taker bot to your meeting. Following the meeting, the transcription, accurately reflecting the chosen language, is ready for review in the notebook.

Mastering Multilingual Meetings: A Word of Advice

For the best performance of's multilingual transcription, a single language should be spoken consistently throughout the meeting. Currently, supports transcription in one language per meeting. Therefore, if multiple languages are spoken, make sure to set the preferred language in the settings before the meeting commences.

The Future: Auto-Language Detection Feature is continually enhancing its offering. An auto-language detection feature is next on the list, aiming to add an extra layer of convenience for users. This feature will automatically detect the language spoken during the meeting, eliminating the need for users to pre-select a language. Championing Global Business Communication

The introduction of multilingual transcription support is a testament to's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its users. By breaking down language barriers in business meetings, is pioneering a new era of international communication.


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