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Fireflies Multi Language Transcription Announcement

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In this video Introduces Multi-Language Transcription Support: A Step Toward Global Communication, a leading AI-driven meeting transcription service, is proud to announce the launch of multi-language transcription support. Recognizing the global nature of today's business meetings, this feature marks a significant stride in's commitment to providing comprehensive, accessible, and high-quality meeting insights to users worldwide.'s Multilingual Support: Breaking Language Barriers

With the introduction of transcription support for six additional languages — Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch — sets out to simplify international communication. Over time, the service plans to introduce support for ten more languages, significantly increasing the utility and applicability of the platform to users worldwide.

Activating Multi-Language Support: Easy as One, Two, Three

Enabling this new feature is a breeze. Before the start of your meeting, visit the settings on your dashboard and choose your preferred language. The list of options includes distinct versions of English to cater to speakers with different accents, such as US, Australian, and British English. in Action: A Seamless Experience

Once your language of choice is selected, invite the note-taker bot to join your meeting, as you usually would. At the end of the meeting, the transcript, accurately reflecting the chosen language, is ready for your review in the notebook.

Navigating Multiple Languages: What to Keep in Mind's multi-language transcription technology performs optimally when one language is spoken consistently throughout the meeting. Currently, the system supports transcription in one language per meeting. For meetings where multiple languages might be spoken, the system's settings must be adjusted to the desired language before the meeting starts.

Looking Forward: Auto-Language Detection

As continues to enhance its language capabilities, it aims to introduce an auto-language detection feature in the future. This forthcoming addition will provide even greater ease of use, making an even more powerful tool in a globalized business world. Facilitating International Communication

The introduction of multi-language transcription support heralds a new era of international communication facilitated by This step forward is proof of the platform's commitment to innovatively meeting its users' needs and breaking down language barriers in global business meetings.


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