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ElliSense's Unique Feature: Signal Strength and Its Role in Market Sentiment Analysis

In today's market, the best decisions are informed by data. Tools like ElliSense provide invaluable insights by tracking market sentiment scores and equipping traders with knowledge that goes beyond just raw data. ElliSense stands out with a unique feature: its signal strength indicator.

Understanding ElliSense's Signal Strength

Signal strength in ElliSense is a metric that combines the amount of data available and its influence. It enables traders to gauge the level of discussion around each asset and to interpret sentiment scores with a higher degree of confidence.

Signal Strength Ratings

ElliSense's signal strength indicator provides traders with three distinct readings:

  1. Normal: This rating indicates that the volume of discussion or posts concerning an asset's sentiment is at an average level. It's a typical scenario where the current sentiment seems to be in line with historical patterns.
  2. Weak: A weak signal strength suggests that there is less discussion than usual. The lower volume of conversation might imply that the sentiment score isn't as robust or representative as it might be under normal circumstances.
  3. Strong: When the signal strength is strong, it denotes a higher-than-average level of conversation around the selected asset. This suggests a high level of interest in the asset, and the sentiment score is likely to be a more reliable indicator of market sentiment.

Each of these strength ratings compares the current week to the week before, providing traders with a useful benchmark for evaluating recent trends in market sentiment.

Ensuring Confidence in Sentiment Scores

When utilizing sentiment scores to inform trading decisions, the signal strength indicator is a key factor. Ideally, traders should look for assets with normal or strong signal strength. This ensures that the sentiment score is based on a substantial volume of conversation, lending confidence to its accuracy.


ElliSense's signal strength is a unique feature that complements market sentiment analysis, providing an additional layer of insight for traders. By understanding the volume and influence of market conversation around an asset, traders can interpret sentiment scores with greater confidence, making more informed decisions. As always, ElliSense is there when you need to understand global market sentiments before you trade. Don't hesitate to harness its insights for your trading strategy.


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