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ElliSense: AI-Driven Sentiment Analysis for Global Financial Markets


ElliSense is a cutting-edge, AI-powered tool, providing traders and investors real-time sentiment analysis of financial markets. Users can analyze Forex, crypto, and stock markets, gaining key insights to inform their investment decisions.

ElliSense's Market Options

ElliSense provides its users with a wide range of market options to analyze. Whether you're interested in cryptocurrencies, stocks, or Forex pairs, ElliSense has you covered. Users can choose from over 70 pairs such as Bitcoin/USD, EUR/GBP, or even individual stocks like Apple.

Time Frame Selection

ElliSense's interface allows users to select the time frame for their market sentiment analysis. Users can view short-term sentiment (for the next 2-3 hours), medium-term sentiment (for the next few days), or long-term sentiment (for the next three weeks to one month). The choice of index depends on the user's trading strategy and their investment horizon.

Understanding the Sentiment Score

ElliSense's AI-powered deep learning model offers real-time sentiment scores for specific assets, ranging from -100% to 100%. A score of -100% to -21% suggests a bearish sentiment, -20% to 20% indicates neutral sentiment, and 21% to 100% denotes a bullish sentiment. This system simplifies the interpretation of market sentiment, making it easy for users to decide on their next investment move.

Breakdown by Source

A unique feature of ElliSense is its ability to provide a breakdown by source of each category's overall market sentiment. This comprehensive analysis includes data from over 400 top analysts, news reports, social media posts, and forums. For professional account users, ElliSense provides even deeper insights into the data, including how posts and data were classified after analysis by ElliSense's 97% accurate AI engine.

Sentiment Meter

To add another layer of reliability to the sentiment score, ElliSense's sentiment meter indicates the level of activity around each asset. A weak signal indicates less than usual activity, a normal reading suggests regular activity, and a strong signal implies higher than usual activity or discussion. This feature can be crucial in understanding the validity and strength of the sentiment score.

Real-Time and Historical Sentiment Data

ElliSense comes equipped with a snapshot real-time chart that displays the last hour of sentiment along with the corresponding spot price. This data visualization feature allows users to quickly identify critical movements in sentiment or price. Furthermore, users can access historical sentiment data, broken down into 24-hour, 7-day, and one-month time frames. This allows users to identify trends over time and make comparisons with indicators from other trading tools.

Alerts and Notifications

ElliSense users can also set up alerts to notify them when the sentiment or spot price for a specific asset reaches a certain threshold. This means they'll never miss a big shift in sentiment that could indicate a buying or selling opportunity.

Accessibility and Mobility

ElliSense is designed to be accessible from anywhere, with a full desktop version and a mobile-friendly version that users can access on any device without having to download an app.


ElliSense stands as the most accurate AI-driven sentiment analysis tool for global financial markets. With its vast features and in-depth analysis capabilities, it offers a significant advantage to users in making informed trading decisions. Consider signing up for a free trial to see how ElliSense can revolutionize your trading strategy.


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