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An In-Depth Look at DreamUp: The AI-Powered Art Creation Tool by DeviantArt

DreamUp: Elevating the Artistic Experience

DeviantArt's latest innovation, DreamUp, introduces AI-based technology to their platform, already renowned for digital painting, sketching, photography, and 3D rendering. In addition to offering an online shop where artists can sell their works and receive commissions, DeviantArt now incorporates an AI tool designed to foster creativity and ensure fair artistic representation.

DreamUp's Pledge of Fairness

DreamUp's launch was accompanied by intensive discussions within the DeviantArt community about the ethical implications of using AI-generated art. In response to these concerns, DeviantArt has vowed to include only the works of artists who have granted permission for their work to be used in the model. Additionally, all AI-generated pieces are automatically tagged as «AI art,» which users can choose to filter out if they wish.

Understanding DreamUp's Functionality

DreamUp is straightforward in its operation. Users can input text prompts, and the AI produces square images based on these inputs. Although it currently only supports image creation, it offers max resolution for all images created and presents several options per prompt. However, the platform's AI experience remains basic, with no settings available for adjusting image ratio or step, and no options for in-painting, out-painting, or generating video animations or GIFs.

Assessing DreamUp's Performance

The AI's artistic creations align closely with the input prompt styles. Even if the AI hasn't been trained specifically on certain artist's works, it's still capable of producing images that reflect a similar style. This suggests that the AI has an understanding of the artists' names and can generate appropriate images accordingly.

Copyright and Commercial Use

DreamUp also ensures that users can use their AI-generated works for both private and commercial purposes. However, it's important to note that copyright protection may vary across different jurisdictions due to varying international laws.

Art Submission on DreamUp

In submitting art to the platform, users are required to reference any artist used in their prompt. The platform provides fields for including artists, models, objects, characters, and even locations, thus offering a comprehensive art reference system. This process can be labor-intensive, but it is in line with DeviantArt's commitment to upholding fair and accurate artistic representation.


In conclusion, DreamUp by DeviantArt is a promising tool that enhances the art creation process with the integration of AI technology. Its commitment to fairness and respect for artist permissions sets a positive precedent for future AI-powered tools in the art industry. The platform's rich features combined with the power of AI offer exciting opportunities for artists to explore, innovate, and thrive.


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