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Exploring Different View Layouts in Notion

Notion is a versatile tool that allows you to create databases with various view layouts. These layouts offer different ways to present and interact with your data, providing flexibility and customization options. In this article, we will explore the different view layouts available in Notion and how they can be used to enhance your workflow and organization.

The Power of Database Views in Notion

Notion's database views offer a powerful feature that sets it apart from other tools—the ability to create multiple layouts from the same underlying data. This means you can leverage the same database to create tables, lists, calendars, timelines, galleries, and boards, each designed for specific use cases. Let's dive into each of these view layouts:

1. Tables: An Overview of Your Data

The table layout is the default view in Notion and provides a comprehensive overview of your data. Tables are ideal for tasks such as data cleaning, editing properties, or getting a bird's eye view of all the content in your database. With tables, you can easily add new entries and see all the database properties at once.

2. Lists: Sleek and Minimal

The list layout offers a simple, sleek, and minimalistic view for presenting collections of documents or notes. It is also great for managing your personal to-do lists or tracking tasks. With the list layout, you can focus on key properties while maintaining a clean and organized interface.

3. Calendars: Date-Based Workflows

Calendars are perfect for workflows that involve date ranges or multiple consecutive steps. Notion's calendar layout displays database pages as cards on a month-by-month calendar, allowing you to plan and visualize tasks, events, or deadlines efficiently. Whether you're planning social media posts or managing projects, the calendar layout keeps your schedule in check.

4. Timelines: Project and Launch Planning

The timeline layout is designed for projects or launch planning. Its horizontal structure offers an infinitely scrolling timeline, allowing you to view tasks on an hourly, daily, monthly, or quarterly basis. With the timeline view, you can track progress, allocate resources, and ensure smooth project management.

5. Galleries: Visual Representation

The gallery layout focuses on visual representation. It provides a preview of the content within each database page or the page cover itself. Galleries are perfect for displaying images in an organized manner or showcasing additional details within your database entries. The visual appeal of the gallery view enhances your overall browsing experience.

6. Boards: Organizing Content by Category

Boards are excellent for organizing content by category. You can group database pages into columns and even add subgroups for further organization. Whether you're managing tasks or categorizing people based on office locations, the board layout keeps your content structured and easy to navigate.

Customizing and Optimizing Views in Notion

Notion allows you to customize and optimize each view to suit your specific needs. By accessing the three-dot menu on the right-hand side of the view, you can access various customization options, including:

  • Layout Options: Adjust the layout settings, such as card size or background colors, to personalize the view further.
  • Grouping: Group your database pages based on specific properties, providing a more organized and structured view.
  • Show and Hide Properties: Customize which properties are displayed in the view, allowing you to focus on the most relevant information.
  • Filtering and Sorting: Utilize filters and sorting options to streamline your data and make it easier to find the information you need.

Notion's views provide endless practical applications. For example, you can create a calendar view to display employee start dates, eliminating the need to export data to other apps. Additionally, you can create new views based on an existing database, giving you the flexibility to analyze and present data in various ways.


Notion's database views offer a powerful way to present, organize, and interact with your data. By utilizing different view layouts such as tables, lists, calendars, timelines, galleries, and boards, you can enhance your workflow, visualize information, and customize your workspace according to your preferences. Take advantage of Notion's customization options to personalize each view, optimize your data organization, and boost your productivity.



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