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Introducing AI-powered Creatives by ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy, an AI-powered copywriting tool, has launched a new feature called «Creatives.» This feature leverages the power of artificial intelligence to turn text descriptions into drawings. In this article, we will explore this new feature in detail and how it can benefit marketers, designers, and content creators.

What is Creatives by ClosersCopy?

Creatives is an AI-powered feature that allows users to create illustrations from simple text descriptions. Users can describe what they want in the text box, and the AI algorithm will generate a drawing. Creatives use a combination of natural language processing and computer vision to create illustrations that match the user's description.

How Does Creatives Work?

Creatives work by taking the user's text description and turning it into a drawing using AI. Users input their text description in the «What to Focus On» box and indicate what they want to avoid in the «What to Avoid» box. For example, a user could input «a portrait of a raccoon wearing sunglasses cartoon style» and hit the «Draw for me» button to get a drawing of a raccoon wearing sunglasses.

Users can also avoid specific details by indicating them in the «What to Avoid» box. For instance, a user could indicate «avoid black and white images» to ensure the generated image is in color.

Advanced Features of Creatives

Creatives offer several advanced features that allow users to customize their illustrations further. The «Example» button provides a more sophisticated prompt, resulting in a higher resolution and more detailed image.

Creatives also offer a «Seed» option, which allows users to reuse the same starting point to create a new illustration. The «Seat» is the starting point for AI to generate the image, allowing users to create a similar image with slight variations by changing the text description.

Downloading and Sharing Images

Users can download their generated images by clicking on the image and selecting the appropriate size for download. The generated images expire after 30 minutes, and users must download them before the expiration time. Users can also share their images on social media by clicking on the «Share» button.

History and Wizard Features

ClosersCopy also offers a «History» feature that allows users to access their previous text descriptions and generated images. The «Wizard» feature provides a form to help users create their text descriptions by guiding them through a series of questions.


Creatives by ClosersCopy is an innovative feature that allows marketers, designers, and content creators to create illustrations easily. This feature leverages the power of AI to generate high-quality illustrations that match the user's text description. With its advanced features and easy-to-use interface, Creatives is a must-have tool for anyone looking to create engaging illustrations for their content.



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