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Copysmith Onboarding: Content Creation Basics

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Mastering Copysmith: Your Guide to AI-Powered Content Creation

Harnessing the power of AI for content creation, Copysmith emerges as a game-changing tool. This guide will walk you through the process of creating content using Copysmith, providing tips for optimal results.

Getting Started with Copysmith

Upon logging into Copysmith, you'll land on the 'Create' tab—the nerve center of your content creation process. As a template-based application, Copysmith leverages over 60 AI-powered writing tools, each designed for a specific purpose.

Quick Tips for Navigating Copysmith Templates

With a broad range of templates at your disposal, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the options. To streamline access to your favorite templates, remember to star them. This action will place them in the 'Made For You' section for easy retrieval.

Leverage the Command Feature for Custom Content

If you can't find a suitable template, utilize the command feature. By specifying what you want to create and providing some context, you can let Copysmith generate unique content. For example, to create an email subject line for a Copysmith promotion, simply instruct the AI accordingly.

Working with Templates in Copysmith

Each template in Copysmith requires specific inputs—information that guides the AI in its writing process. The template's basic instructions inform the AI's writing style, while your inputs provide the context and direction. For quick tips on using each field, hover over the info badges. Once you've added your inputs, hit 'generate', and your content will appear on the right side of the screen.

Optimizing Outputs in Copysmith

If your outputs aren't meeting your expectations, here are four useful tips:

1. Less is More

Avoid overwhelming the AI with too much information. For instance, in the product descriptions template, limit yourself to one to three keywords for your brand and two to eight characteristics about the product.

2. Experiment with Inputs

If you appreciate the format but not the text itself, try using different inputs. This variation can lead to more appealing results.

3. Adjust Length and Creativity Settings

Most templates feature an 'additional settings' option. Here, you can tweak the content's creativity, length, and the number of generations produced. Experiment with these settings to refine your output.

4. Consider Alternate Templates

If a specific template isn't providing the desired results, try another one. You can also create your custom templates using the 'Custom' option on the right side of the screen.

Accessing Support from Copysmith

If you encounter any issues or need assistance in brainstorming content, Copysmith's support team is always at your service. Use the support widget located at the bottom right of your screen to reach out for help.

Master the art of 'Copysmithing' and revolutionize your content creation process with this powerful, AI-driven tool.



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