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Copysmith Onboarding: Bulk Copy

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Streamlining Content Creation with Copysmith's Bulk Copy Feature

Increase your productivity and scale your content creation efforts with Copysmith's Bulk Copy feature. This powerful tool allows you to generate large volumes of content quickly and efficiently by uploading a spreadsheet. Whether you need product descriptions for a long list of SKUs or brainstorming ideas for a year's worth of blog posts, Bulk Copy is designed to streamline the process.

Accessing and Utilizing the Bulk Copy Feature

The Bulk Copy icon is located in the left sidebar of Copysmith. Click it to start a bulk copy job.

Step 1: Selecting the Template and Adding General Info

Choose a template from the list available. For example, if you're creating product descriptions, select the 'Product Descriptions' template. After selecting the template, click 'Create'. A three-step process will appear along the top: 'Add General Info', 'Tweak Settings', and 'Upload Spreadsheet'.

In the 'General Info' step, provide a name for the job and choose where you want to save the generated content. There's an option to automatically download the results as a CSV once Copysmith completes the job.

Step 2: Tweaking the Settings

The 'Settings' step allows you to modify the input and output language, and adjust the creativity, length, and number of versions for the generated content. If you're new to Bulk Copy, it's recommended to keep these settings at their defaults and tweak them later, if necessary.

Step 3: Uploading the Spreadsheet

The final step is to upload your spreadsheet. Use the example file provided for guidance. Remember, it's crucial not to change anything in the first row of the spreadsheet. This includes adding or removing columns or changing the formatting of the titles. Any changes could cause the upload to fail.

Reviewing and Downloading Your Bulk Copy Results

Once you've clicked 'Generate', Copysmith will process your data. The processing time depends on the volume of data you've provided. When the job is complete, the results will be available in the 'Bulk History' section on the left sidebar.

From here, you can download your CSV. If you didn't select the automatic download option earlier, use the three dots next to the job to download your file. If a job fails, you can also click on the three dots to access the error logs and identify the issue.

With Bulk Copy, content creation is a breeze. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of creating bulk content with Copysmith.



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