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Conversational AI in Unreal Engine Quick Setup Guide | MetaHumans, ReadyPlayerMe, and more | Convai

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Adding Conversational AI to Unreal Engine with Convai

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about a revolution in various digital communication sectors. Convai, an industry leader in this field, has developed a unique way to add conversational AI to Unreal Engine. This guide details the process of integrating Convai into Unreal Engine.

Setting Up the Convai Plugin

Downloading and Installing

To start the process, users must download the Convai plugin from the Unreal Marketplace. This plugin is compatible with Unreal Engine 5.1, but instructions for using it with Unreal Engine 4 can be found on Convai's documentation page.

Once installed, a new project is created. To ensure the correct installation of the plugin, it must be enabled from the edit menu under the plugin section. After this step, the project must be restarted.

Setting Up the API Key

Users must sign in to their account on the Convai website to retrieve their API Key. This key is necessary for the plugin to work and can be found on the playground page of the website. After obtaining the key, it must be entered into the input field under the Convai plugin settings in the project settings.

Configuring Unreal Engine for Convai

Editing Default Engine.ini

For the plugin to function properly, the default engine.ini file in the project directory needs to be edited. A couple of lines enabling the voice must be added to the file. After saving the changes, the engine must be restarted.

Adding a Simple Character

A blueprint class is created to add a basic character that users can interact with. This character can be dragged into the environment and assigned a character ID, which can be obtained from the Convai dashboard.

Character Customization with Convai

Character Backstory

The Convai dashboard allows users to input a character's backstory, which influences the character's responses during conversations. The backstory can be altered to change the character's personality and profession.

Adding MetaHumans

To make the virtual environment more engaging, MetaHumans can be added to replace the simple box characters. These MetaHumans are found under the MetaHumans folder and can be edited to include animations and inherit the convey base character class.

Additional Features in Convai

Support for Third Person Game Mode

Convai also supports third person game mode. This feature can be added through the «Add feature or content pack» option in the project. Some modifications in the world settings ensure that the game mode is set to third person.

Simple Character Actions

Convai's AI characters can also perform simple actions, such as following the player. This is activated by placing a navigation nav mesh bounds volume into the scene from the place actors menu.

Integration with Ready Player Me Characters

In addition to MetaHumans, Convai allows integration with Ready Player Me characters. The character ID linked to a Ready Player Me character can be changed, bringing the associated character into the environment.

In conclusion, Convai provides a powerful and flexible way to add conversational AI to Unreal Engine. Its integration enhances the immersive experience and offers numerous customization options for the characters in the virtual environment.


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