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ChatGPT for SEO: Best (and Worst) Use Cases

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ChatGPT for SEO: Best (and Worst) Use Cases

ChatGPT is an AI language model that has taken the digital world by storm. Many businesses and marketers use it for different purposes, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, not all use cases are equally effective. In this article, we will discuss some of the best and worst ChatGPT use cases for SEO.

Best Use Cases for ChatGPT in SEO

1. Constructing Regular Expressions (Regex)

ChatGPT is incredibly efficient when it comes to finding patterns within text through regular expressions. It can help SEOs find keywords phrased as a question in Search Console by providing the regular expression to show matches containing words such as how, what, who, when, where, why, and do. This helps SEOs identify informational keywords they can work on ranking for.

2. Automations

ChatGPT can write full automations for SEOs. For instance, let's say you're working on a link-building campaign, and you've collected the first and last names of authors you want to contact. The inefficient way to find their emails would be to go through them one by one in a web app or with a Chrome Extension. The efficient way would be to code something in Appscripts to connect to an email finding API. However, with ChatGPT, you can have the program write the code for you, which makes the work more efficient.

3. Creating Clickworthy Titles

ChatGPT can create ten click-worthy titles for your blog post on a topic. For the best results, give it a working title, especially if you have a specific angle you're going for to match search intent. Additionally, you can ask it to frontload keywords if something is uncompromisable for you.

4. Quick Outlines

One of the best use cases for ChatGPT in SEO is creating quick outlines. The aim is not to get a ready-to-go outline but to get your creative juices flowing. ChatGPT can help by offering a structure or perspective to the topic you want to write about.

5. Proofreading and Writing Concise Sentences

ChatGPT is a great tool for proofreading and writing concise sentences to improve the clarity of your content. It can help optimize your pages for featured snippets by providing more concise answers to queries. It's also excellent for writing short-form content like meta descriptions.

Worst Use Cases for ChatGPT in SEO

1. AI-Driven Keyword Research

ChatGPT is not the best tool for AI-driven keyword research. While it can provide a list of long-tail or «easy-to-rank-for» queries, they often have little or no search demand, which renders them useless for SEO. Furthermore, keyword difficulty will mostly come down to backlinks, SERP competition, and the actual content itself, which ChatGPT cannot browse.

2. Full Article Content Creation

While ChatGPT is great at generating readable, well-structured sentences and even writing better than some people, it lacks expertise. When used to write full articles, the content comes out as boilerplate and lacks the depth and quality that would satisfy user intent for clicking through to the article.

3. Search Intent Classification

ChatGPT is not the best tool for search intent classification. While it can do a decent job of identifying dominant intent, it struggles with keywords that have less context or multiple meanings. It also fails at identifying navigational queries, and keywords with local intent. This means you might end up having to check SERPs anyway, making it a somewhat trivial task.


ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can be used in several ways to improve your SEO work. It's great for constructing regex, automating tasks, creating click-worthy titles, generating outlines, proofreading, and writing concise sentences for featured snippets. However, it's important to avoid using ChatGPT for AI-driven keyword research or search intent classification, as these tasks may require a human touch.


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